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Why are there so many unanswered questions?

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2010-12-12 14:33:19

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Keep in mind that well over 20 million questions have been asked on There are a slew of reasons as to why not all of

the questions have been answered. users suggest some of the reasons for the

unanswered questions:

  • Poorly worded questions. Sober up!

  • People get lost trying to answer many questions at a time and,

    in short, a few get lost in the shuffle.

  • Because people don't know the answers.
  • Some just care about getting their question answered, not about

    helping others find their answers.

  • Some questions are impossible to answer. For example, how are

    we supposed to answer "What is my name?" or something silly like


  • With so many questions, it is guaranteed that some of them will

    be unanswered. New questions are being asked constantly. Currently,

    we aren't keeping up with all those new ones right away.

  • Some questions are in the wrong topic; the result is that the

    correct people don't see it.

  • If you would like to help solve this issue of unanswered

    questions, you can go share your expertise on some questions. That

    is the purpose of this site.

  • We as humans don't always have the answer to every question,

    and to the ones we don't we have to just put in God's hands and

    trust him.

  • Bad questions often have to be interpreted as to the real

    answer required.

  • Some questions are just plain boring.

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