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no only the matches that are a big deal end in submission the main event matches

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Q: Why are there some matches in WWE Breaking Point in pinfall ain't all matches should end in submission?
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Why do the fighters always get out when you do a submission in UFC Undisputed 2009?

You have to keep the submission going. move the R3 button in a circular motion as fast as you can. if your fighter has good submission skills and your opponent doesn't (and he's a little tired), you should get it.

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How do you finish a submission in UFC Undisputed 2009?

All you simply do is when your on top press the right joystick. After that you press it rapidly and depending on how high your submission offense is it should work 99% of the time.

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How do you get out of a submission on WWE 12 for wii?

keep pressing A as quick as possible and it should do the trick dude!

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