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They have very long arms and legs and climb like a spider and eat Spiders

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What are baby spider monkeys called?

Baby spider monkeys are called infants or just baby spider monkeys.

What is a group spider monkeys called?

A group of spider monkeys is called a troop

Why are spider monkeys called spider monkeys?

They are called that because of their long, thin limbs and prehensile tails, and the way they move when swinging through the trees. For the first Europeans to see them, spider monkeys looked like they had five limbs, and their hanging from separate tree branches gave them the look of a spider in its web.

What is the spider that eats monkeys?

A monkey spider. Ironically, it eats spider monkeys.

What do spider-monkeys eat?

what do spider monkeys prey on?

What do spider monkeys lack?

Spider monkeys lack hearing

How tall are spider monkeys?

spider monkey heightspider monkeys are about 800 inch

What do spider mokeys eat?

Spider monkeys eat food Spider monkeys eat food

What color are hybrid spider monkeys?

Hybrid spider monkeys are brown.

How do spider monkeys eat?

spider monkeys eat fruit and nuts

Facts about spider monkeys?

spider monkeys do not have completely developed thumbs

Where do spider monkeys sleep?

Spider monkeys sleep on lower branches

Do spider-monkeys camouflage?

spider monkeys don't camouflage

Do spider monkeys have a mutation?

I believe that spider monkeys have mutations, but it does not affect them.

What preys on the spider monkeys?

Harpy Eagles prey on Spider Monkeys.

How do spider monkeys protect themsevles?

how do spider monkeys protect themselves

What year did spider monkeys become extinct?

Spider monkeys are not extinct.

Do spider monkeys live among other spider monkeys?

Yes, but seldom with different species. Spider monkeys live in colonies of 15 to 25, and as many as 35 monkeys.

What are spider monkeys preditors?

the spider monkeys main predetors are humans and jaguars. in south America spider monkeys are eather caught for food or pets.

What monkeys live in the rainforest?

Spider monkeys, proboscus monkeys

Do tigers eat spider monkeys?

Yes white tigers eat spider monkeys

How many different types of spider monkeys are there?

There are 7 different types of spider monkeys.

How long does spider monkeys grow?

Spider Monkeys grow to be 35 inches long.

Where do spider monkeys give birth to their young?

spider monkeys give birth in the forest

What animal is the Woolly Spider Monkey related to?

They are related to Spider monkeys and Woolly monkeys.