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Some companies are no doubt genetically modifying foods because they genuinely want to improve food and help feed the starving in the world. Unfortunately, some companies appear to be genetically modifying foods because they can, and it is highly profitable for them to patent and sell their GMO varieties.

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Q: Why are they genetically modifing foods?
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Should Genetically Modifing foods continue?

No it should not,

What are the laws regarding labelling genetically modified foods?

The laws regarding the labelling of genetically modified foods depend on the country. Most foods that have been genetically modified need to have it stated on the label.

What are three foods that can be genetically modified?

Any food can be genetically modified through genetic engineering. Three foods that have been genetically engineered are corn, soy, and canola.

What are the risks that genetically engineered foods have on world hunger?

The risks that the genetically engineered foods have on world anger is that they can lead to cancer.

What are ge foods?

Genetically enhanced. Pretty much the same as genetically modified.

What are ten genetically modified foods?

Genetically modified foods as of January 1, 2015 are:tomatoespotatoesfield cornsoy beanssweet cornwheatricepapayacanolacrookneck squash

How many foods have genetically modified organisms?

At least 9 foods are genetically modified. Foods that are known to have been genetically modified are tomatoes, potatoes, field corn, sweet corn, soy, canola, crookneck squash, papayas, and rice. There may be others and more and more foods are being genetically modified as time passes.

What are some non genetically modified foods?

Corn, soy, canola, cotton, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, squash, and other foods are genetically modified. More and more foods are being genetically modified yearly, There are non-genetically modified varieties of all of those foods, though some cross pollination of GMO and non-GMO varieties may occur during pollination, Most other foods are not genetically modified.

What is meant by G.M. foods?

Genetically modified

Can genetically modified foods go bad?

Genetically modified foods will go bad. The only thing that is different is the size and nutritional value of it.

Why do some people prefer eat foods that are not genetically engineered?

People prefer to eat foods that are not genetically engineered because the long term effects of eating genetically engineered plants is unknown.

Where can you find genetically modified foods?

In USA and Canada

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