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Why are turtles so small?

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It depends what kind of turtle it is. Red eared slider turtles start out small but then grow to be close to 10 inches long.

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Will small turtles bite?

small turtles might try to bite, but they will not hurt very much if they do because their mouths are so small.

How come small turtles run fast?

Small animals like turtles know they have no defense against larger animals, so they run so they can hide and get eaten.

How much food a sea turtle eat?

enough so that your turtles are not full.If they are small turtles, feed them small peices of food :o]

Do big turtles eat small turtles?

no it cant because i assume that any turtle big or small can bite through another turtles shell but its nature so i may be wrong.

Can you put fish and water turtles together?

Turtles eat fish, so unless they are big fish and small turtles, the fish are going to disappear.

What do small dam turtles eat?

Small turtles found in dams eat small insects and other bugs. These turtles are poor hunters and are very small.

Are turtles vegetarians?

land turtles are but, sea turtles eat small fish and bugs

Can Big turtles live with Small Turtles?

Yes. Large turtles can get on with smaller turtles like they were the same size :)

Small turtles and big turtles?

big turtles from small?Some turtle just have different body sructures, they just come out the way the mother was, but big turtles can live way longer than small turtles can. actually, even small turtles can live 50+ years. Even one that only grows 4-5 incheshappy herp keeping :)

If turtles have small brain or big brains?

All things are relative. Compared to an earthworm, turtles have big brains. Compared to a dog, turtles have small brains.

Will groundhogs eat turtles?

Yes, it ate two small turtles.

Do seagulls eat small turtles?

Yes they will. Small sea turtles run a gauntlet of predators on their way to the water.

Why do people want to have turtles as pets?

to keep them company so they have a small and cool pet to keep!

Can small turtles eat fish food?

Yes, small turtles can eat fish food because there mouths are big enough

What are some different types of turtles?

Snapping Turtles, Redeared Turtles, yellowtail turtles, cottontail turtles, flying turtles, big turtles, small turtles, black turtles, purpletoe turtles, amazon turtles, African turtles, Big penis turtles, aquarium turtles, grizzly turtles, m4 carbine turtles, rabid turtles, edible turtles, swimming turtles, alien turtles. That's all the turtles in the world, the rest are unknown (to me) or extinct. LOL

What kind of food does water turtles eat?

Water turtles eat a large variety of food including aquatic plants. The turtles often eat small insects and small sea creatures.

Which plants are safe for turtles?

turtles can have lettuce NO ICEBERG LETTUCE ,strawberries , small peices of celery and my turtles favorite all of them together

Can turtles kill each other?

sometimes , but that's off research;], turtles may mistake small turtles limbs for food

Are there small reptiles that eat plants?

yes, small species of turtles

Can goldfish be in a tank with turtles?

If you want them to live then i would suggest that you get big fish so that the turtle doesn't harm them because they will eat your fish. no goldfish are small and turtles will eat them separate them

What kind of fish do sea turtles eat?

Sea turtles eat jellyfish and small fish

How do momma turtles feed there baby turtles?

They don't. They eat small bugs, meal worms & a variety of small diced up fruit & vegetables.

What pet store can i get a turtle in Kansas City Missouri?

Here is a link about turtles in Missouri. Although the distribution of small turtles is illegal, owning small turtles is not against the law. People who chose to keep small turtles or any other reptiles as pets should be extremely careful about hygiene after handling them or cleaning their habitat.

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