Why are vampire bats smaller than fruit bats?


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Because vampire bats live in dark caves

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no. bats are generally smaller than rabbits, and eat insects and/or fruit

Bring a UV flashlite and shine it on the bat. If it's a vampire bat it will burn up. Also, fruit bats have heads that are kindof like fox heads, with dog-like noses and ears, where vampire bats have the upturned nose and their ears are more like holes in their head. Fruit bat wings are sometimes less hairy than vampire bat wings.

No. The bumblebee bat is smaller.

They don't. Bonobos have a higher incidence of homosexuality than fruit bats.They don't. Bonobos have a higher incidence of homosexuality than fruit bats.

No it's false. Vampire Bats bite animals not humans. Real bats eat bugs. That's the answer. NOTE: 50% Sure 50% Not Sure Vampire bat will not make you into a vampire - however bats are the most common carriers of Rabies which will turn into something worse than a vampire.

Insects, feathertail gliders and some bats are smaller than mice

Vampires, other than vampire bats, are mythological creatures. Most people would agree that, as such, they do not exist.

Either an apple or a tomato. Both are red, which satisfy their need for something red. Other than blood, which is of course not a fruit...

tangerines are smaller than an orange, clementines are even smaller * The smallest orange-like fruit is the kumquat.

There is no evidence of real vampires, other than vampire bats, in this world. Other than as part of folklore, and a popular subject in horror fiction, human vampires are NOT real. They do not exist. You cannot become a vampire.

Vampire bats live longer than any other type of bat. It's about 20 years.

Bumblebee Bats. There smaller than a jellybean, and they weigh less than a penny

Anything larger than itself. Like a hawk or even an eagle.

Bats are useful to mankind because they eat many insect pests and produce large amounts of guano (fertilizer). Fruit bats, which are much larger than North American bats, are eaten by some South Pacific islanders. Some fruit bats feed on nectar and pollinate flowers, while others disperse seeds that help in the distribution of plants in forest areas.Not all bats are beneficial. A few may be carriers of diseases, including rabies. A very small percentage of fruit bats in Africa have been found to carry such viruses as ebola and Marburg. Vampire bats, which live mostly in Mexico and northern parts of South America, are injurious to animals.

Bats also eat rotten or over-ripe fruit out of farms.

Vampire Bats have the ability to use infrared radiation and locate the Hot spots or large veins on their prey. They also have the ability to sense the breathing patterns on pray as well. The common Vampire Bat generally feeds on large mammals as well as humans, rather than the other species of Vampire Bats who prefer to feed on the blood of birds.

Vampires are legendary creatures and do not exist in the real world. Vampire BATS, however, are smaller than a teacup and their only diet is blood. Their usual victims are sleeping cattle and horses. Vampire bats do not "suck" blood from their victims but, after puncturing the skin, actually lap up the flowing blood with their tongues. The bats' saliva prevents the blood from clotting. These tiny bats never remove enough blood to harm their victims but the bites can cause infections and disease if not treated by a doctor.

You are describing the vampire bats, but all three species of vampire bats are somewhat longer than 5 cm.

Fruit fly, and those tiny little red spiders, and perhaps a flea or tick. Other than that probably not.

Bats are born live, as are all mammals other than the platypus and the echidna.

Although most bats cannot run at all (they can only crawl), vampire bats can run quite well, and will usually escape harm by running rather than flying.

Vampire bats are very small creatures; they can only consume about 20 grams and still be able to fly. Fictional vampires, on the other hand, are not constrained by physics; they can fly by unspecified supernatural means.

Vampire bats are more like parasites than predators. They'll find a large enough, sleeping, warm-blooded animal and bite them hard enough to make them bleed. Then they'll sit by the wound and lap the blood up.

It can hardly be said that they live linger if they don't live, or even exist, at all. However, it is probably for the same reasons that humans and elepahnts live onger than bats, and why bats live longer than most insects and bugs.

No, you're American. <><><><><> Vampires, other than vampire bats, are mythologicaL creatures. Most people believe that, as such, they do not exist.

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