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I'm not sure, but I think we should blame Justin Bieber for that one. It just seems logical.

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Q: Why are wasps in the world?
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How many wasps in the world?

There are over 20,000 different types of wasps in the whole world

How do wasps help the world?

ang panget

How many species of wasps are there in the world?

About 75000

Do wasps have muscles?

Yes they do have muscles. Or else they can't fly, move an antenna or other things in the world of wasps.

What is the largest wasps in the world?

the giant Asian hornet

How many wasps are there in the world?

The exact number is impossible to know.

Where in the world can you find paper wasps?

West to Midwest U.S.

Do wasps turn into another insect?

No. Wasps are simply wasps.

What are Red Wasps?

Red wasps are wasps that are red and they will sting you in the balls.

What are the different kinds of wasps?

There are nearly 300 types of wasps worldwide. The most common of these include: * Fig wasps - agaonidae * Cuckoo wasps - Chrysididae * Sand wasps (Cicada killer wasp) - Crabronidae * Gall wasps - Cynipidae * Velvet ants - (mutillidae * Fairyflies - Mymaridae * Spider wasps - Pompilidae * Digger wasps - Sphecidae * Flower wasps - Tiphiidae * Honets - Vaspidae * Paper wasps * Pollen wasps * Yellowjackets

Where in the world do wasps live?

Wasps live practically everywhere in the world. However, you will notice that they tend to come around even more so when it is wet, humid, and hot out. This is because they are attracted to these type of temperatures.

Types of wasps?

There are many types of wasps (over 100,000 species), but they usually fall into one of the two categories - solitary or social. Solitary wasps - mud daubers, pollen wasps, potter wasps. Social wasps - polistine paper wasps.

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