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Why are weddings so expensive?

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All weddings are different, and the more things you decide to have for the wedding, the more expensive it will be, because everything has to be paid for.

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Is there a free chapel in the Washington DC area that will host weddings?

No, there is not. Weddings are very expensive, and DC is a very popular area. The location must be rented, and is very expensive, more so depending on the area.

Why do people throw money at weddings?

Rice makes the poor birds stomach explode....and weddings are expensive.... lol!!

Which wedding is better lavish or simple?

Don't break the bank! All weddings are expensive and you need to watch your pennies! Only rich people should have lavish weddings. I like simple weddings, because they're less expensive and can even be more fun!

How expensive are honeymoons?

They can be EXTREMELY expensive, just like weddings. Budget planning will help you avoid spending money you don't have.

Expensive weddings are an obscene waist of money?

I agree! You can have the wedding of your dreams on a budget!

Do you like night weddings?

I neither do nor don't. They're more expensive - especially on the weekends, so I don't recommend them unless you have the money to afford them.

When woman get married how elegant is her honeymoon?

Not all weddings and honeymoonshave to be elegant - many brides prefer simple choices, since weddings and honeymoons can be very expensive.

How much money is needed for a wedding?

Weddings can be VERY expensive - hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Do you like daytime weddings?

Yes - especially if the sun is shining! They're less expensive than night weddings, and the bride and groom can have night time all to themselves!

Are noon weddings good to have?

Yes! They're less expensive than night weddings, and you'll have extra time to prepare - just don't forget to eat breakfast!

Are these fancy weddings really just too much trouble to put together, in reality?

They are not too much trouble to put together. I know that dress weddings are not as expensive as people think. It is not your imagination I can promise you.

Are Disney wedding dresses expensive?

Yes! I visited the Disney Weddings website, and found that most of them were over $1000!

What is the outlook for wedding planning?

The average citizens (at least in Canada) are going for the more natural and less expensive weddings. Houses are very expensive in especially British Columbia, so the couple usually wants to save their money. Outdoor weddings are very high as a favorite. Wedding Planners are needed in most cases. There are still Traditional Weddings and if you really want to make a go of it it's best to advertise and try to hit the wealthier people and make a good name for yourself. The futer aut look is about 55%.

Are Disney Cruise Weddings expensive?

Yes, but they're less expensive than California, Florida, and Hawaii. It's more expensive to get married on their private island, Castaway Cay than on one of their 4 cruise ships.

Do Sikh weddings have vows?

no i dont think so

Is it rude for your brother to purpose to his girlfriend four months after you have gotten engaged?

Yes, it is with two weddings in one family it can be extremely expensive for your parents unless you and your brother are planning on paying for your own weddings and in that case then no, it's not rude.

What foods were eaten at colonial weddings?

There were a variety of foods eaten at Colonial weddings. The most expensive and best foods were served to guests over the course of two or three days. There were meats, vegetables, side dishes, and wedding cake.

How many days do Indian weddings last?

it depends. well most of the Indian weddings last for about 1 week as it includes many events like the engagement,wedding and reception. Indian weddings are very spiritual and fancy so a lot of time is used up for the weddings.

Why do some people get drunk at weddings?

They do so because they can get away with it.

How expensive are weddings?

That depends on what kind of wedding you want. My best recommendation is budget planning, because it's NOT smart to spend money you don't have.

Do Sikhs have weddings?

Yes Sikhs have weddings.

Why is the ring always dropped at weddings?

The ring is usually dropped at weddings because the bride or groom is nervous to get married. Then, their hands sweat or they have no grip because they are so nervous so the ring tends to slip out of their hands.

How are Brazil weddings different from America weddings?

No isn´t no different between America and Brazil weddings

Are nonmembers allowed to attend weddings in a Mormon Church?

Non members can attend weddings in a Mormon church. (Temporal Weddings) They however cannot attend weddings in a Mormon temple (Eternal Weddings). Also only members with a temple recommend can attend weddings in a Mormon temple.

Why is juicy so expensive?

juicy is not expensive

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