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Why are worms good for the garden?

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What insects eat garden worms?

There aren't many insects that eat garden worms. However, ants will eat garden worms that they find around the garden dead.

What insects are good for a garden?

Earth Worms, keep everything else away

What type of worms do you use in your garden?

The best type of worms I've used in my garden are earth worms. Mainly night crawlers. They work really well for adding air to the soil. They do tend to multiply quickly. Good Luck.

Why are worms useful in the garden?

They are useful because worms chew your food and turn it into garden fertilizer.

Are worms good for the garden?

I think coming from myself yes i think its good cause he helps build the nature around it to help the garden grow more

Do worms defecate?

They do. As worms travel along, they ingest (eat) dirt and remove some nutrients from the soil. The soil passes through their body and out the back end. This is very good for the soil because it fertilizes it as they travel. Worms are good for your garden.

Can you feed your axolotls worms from the garden?

Yes. Live garden worms are great food for Axolotls and all fish too. - actually no. sorry person who wrote this, but worms from the garden contain parasites and this will disease your axolotl and fish. this is why you buy breed worms from the pet shop.

How is composting valuable to a garden?


Why are garden soil best for plants?

because the soil comes from the worms in your garden andthe worm from your gardens is good for your plants because other soil probally isn't from your garden sincerly, someone

Can you put earthworms directly in garden?

can earth worms be put directly in garden

How do worms help your garden to be sustainable?


Can you find slow worms in your garden?


How do you know if worms are in your garden?

Usually you will see them.

Can you feed a garden snake earth worms?

If by 'garden snake' you meant Garter Snake (Genus Thamnophis) - then yes. Worms are part of their natural diet.

Do worms live in soil?

depend what worms you mean yes the worms as in your garden worm but no not the worm in your belly you get them from not washing your hands

Can baby garden snakes eat meal worms?

no because they are too little to eat worms

Is it bad if you throw away the worms from your garden?


How long can garden worms stay underwater?

they will be dead

What lives in a garden?

Lots of things live in a garden. Spiders, Insects, Beetles, worms, ladybugs

I have found a few thick green and black striped worms in MY flower garden - they have a sharp pointed spike on the tail end..what is it?

The thick green and black striped worms in a flower garden are cut worms, also called horn worms. These do not harm people but can devastate a garden. They are known for eating tremendous amounts of vegetation overnight.

Will garden worms harm your worm farm worms?

They will not harm them; however they will not live on the food scrapes you are putting in your farm like the red worms will.

What do small garden frogs eat?

Small garden frogs eat worms,snails, and small fish.

How do worms help a garden?

they bring important nutrients to the surface and helpwith drainage, and they loosen the soil from the garden.

What is a slimy garden pest?

slugs snails sometimes worms

List decomposers found in a garden?

worms and fungi and backteria

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