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Why are you applying for this position?


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If you do not know that, you have not got a hope of getting the job.


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You're filling out an application for some job. What job? That's the position you are applying for.

a) Please explain the reason for applying to this position. b) Why should we consider you for this role?

AS you are applying for the position, not me, only you can answer this.

In an interview, you may be asked the reason for applying to the position. State that you have had an interest in this type of work for a long time.

Describe how your experience, qualifications and competencies match the position for which you are applying

If you apply for a job and get the interview you may be asked to give a reason for applying to this position. You could say that you admire the company..

My personal past, professional experiences are my own and would have no relevance or benefit to YOU in applying for a position. When applying for a position YOU need to relate YOUR past, professional experiences, not someone elses.

An application or interviewer may ask why you are applying for the position of a package handler. Tell them you like to perform this type of work and the company is a good location from your residence.

You should think about and be prepared to discuss what it is about the position that appeals to you. You should demonstrate to the employer your passion and motivation for the type of work for which you are applying.

This means to tell what you have done (your experience) that matches the description (requirements) of the job (position) that you are applying for.

Do some homework first so you know something about the company and also about the position you're applying for.

Know what the job requirements are before applying for a position. This will help you determine whether your skills, qualifications, experience, and education are a good fit for the position.

When you describe your experience relating to the position you are applying for, you should be truthful. The company wants to know what types of skills you have.

List all of the qualities and knowledge that you have that are about the position you're applying for.

When answering this question, keep in mind the qualifications required in the position for which you are applying. Your qualities should be in alignment with what the company needs in a person to fill this position.

do you think that your training at the polytechnic has adequately prepared you for the position you applying for

Your expectations and competencies should match the position you are apply for. You should be very good with people if you are applying to work with people for example.

If you are applying for a position, you will be asked questions specific to the position for which you are applying. You should answer honestly and confidently. Discuss work-related examples when you can to show your level of experience and expertise.

it is helpful to review the job description for the job for which you are applying before you go to the job interview. You will be able to answer this question more accurately if you know the position requirements.

Employers want to know why you have applied for a position with their company. You should be able to confidently tell them why you are passionate about the position.

Entry level position is associated with the prerequisites before entering or applying for the job.

Its what I love to do. When I leave and go home I do it there also.

It obviously depends what position you are applying for.

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