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Why are you burning out 2nd gear on a 98 Camaro LSI auto?


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1 the transmission is old and needs replaced

2 the user is pushing it too hard


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i have a 2002 saturn ls2. my transmission jerks in first and second gear and when i put on breaks. what should i do?

You have a bad coil. if an automatic, it might not know wether to engage in 1st gear or 2nd gear

It is called 'snow mode'. If you select the button, the auto gearbox selects 2nd gear to save wheelspin on snow/ice from a standing start. It does the same thing as starting off in 2nd gear in a manual gearbox. Hope this clarifies it.

pull out the u-shaped hook that holds it in. it faces the dash. you might have to put the gear into 1st or 2nd to have enought room.

TAke it to auto zone and have the codes read for free/

Check auto transmission fluid level. If it's not that, an auto trans servicing outfit will be able to look at fault codes and diagnose a deeper problem if there is one.

depending on the bike and surface you can start in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but most common gear to use is 2nd gear

obd2 code po734 inproper gear ratio = speed sensor

I had this problem in my 2007. the forward sprag was broken. i still had 1st, 2nd 3rd and reverse but no drive.

Check the shift solenoid on the side of the 95 Camaro transmission. Also check for any vacuum leaks. You most likely have a problem with one of these.

1st gear down 2nd gear up 3rd up 4th up 5th up N between first and 2nd gear

Check the solenoid. This happened to us and we had to have the solenoid replaced. Part cost about AUD$240 but labour was $800!

2nd gear. (the gear you would use from about 15-35mph)

L stands for Low which is the Lowest gear(Gear 1) in auto-trasmission meaning the when the Leaver is in L,it locks the transmission in first gear wont hear the car shifting to 2nd,3rd,4th gear as you would hear it shift when in D.This Gear is usually used when Towing or Moving in sandy or snowy areas.same principle as the Manual transmission,when driving at Low speeds.e.g Traffic,Towing etc,we usually use drive using 1st and 2nd Gear and then advance to Higher gears at high speeds.

Indicates gear positions of the automatic transmission; P=Park, R=Reverse, N=Neutral, D=Drive (transmission will automatically shift through all forward gears), 2=2nd gear (transmission will only shift from Low to 2nd gear), L=Low gear. Little known fact: In the auto business the indicator that displays this information is actually referred to as the "PRENDELO."

Gear Ratios (:1)1st Gear 3.062nd Gear 1.633rd Gear 14th Gear 0.7Reverse 2.29

Automatic transmission? 2 vehicle will shift only from 1st to 2nd gear 3 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear 4 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th gear

do you have 1st 2nd and 3rd gear, if one of them dont work your transmiton is gone, that is what im going with. motor does not have anything to do with your gears

theses cars have what is called skipshift....if your gettin on it wont let you shift into the next have to skip a gear.....if you get on it in first it wont let you shift to have to go to 3rd..and so on

on a 2000 intrigue; car does not shift into 3rd gear or 4th gear. 1st 2nd gear ok

Check for a blown fuse or faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Also check for codes.

There is no drive in a standard transmission car. In most cases you will have reverse, neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, and 5th gear.

The Ford Mondeo ST220 could be jumping from 2nd gear due to a chipped gear or worn shifter fork. The transmission will probably need to be taken apart to be repaired.

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