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There are a number of reasons you may be interested in a position with retail industries. You may want the discounts for example.

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Q: Why are you interested in a position with retail industries?
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Why are you interested in a retail career?

Who on earth told you that lie?! I am about as interested in a retail career as I am interested in having all my teeth pulled for the fun of it.

Why you are interested in a retail management role?

Many people may be interested in a retail management role for a variety of reasons. Some may like taking on a leadership position in a retail environment. They may also like working with people. Another reason may be the flexible scheduling and the ability to work virtually anywhere.

What are the major industries in ghana?


List of Industries that the internet has transformed?


Why are you interested in this position at best western union plus?

I am NOT interested in ANY position in Western Union.Note: If this is a question you got for a job interview, you are getting it all wrong; you need to answer why YOU are interested in the position, not why someone else (e.g., me) might be interested.

In what type of position are you most interested?

The position a person is interested in will depend on the job. A person could want the manager position in a grocery store or the head chef position in a restaurant.

Why are you interested in this position with Chrysler?

I am interested in this position with Chrysler because the company presents a good environment for career advancement.

Why are you interested in this position warehouse supervisor?

AS you are applying for the position, not me, only you can answer this.

What are the main industries of Bendigo Australia?

The main industries of Bendigo include tourism and education. Farming, manufacturing and mining are also key industries. Retail is also an important industry.

Why are you interested in a position at iberdrola?

tell the interviewer, that you are very interested on the position they offer, because it fits on your educational backgrounds and experienced.

Why are you interested in medical assistant position?

I am interested in the medical assistant position because I have the required skills and I have a passion to help humanity.

Why would you be qualified for this position in retail?

I would be qualified for this position in retail because I am a hard worker, a good problem solver, and I work well with people.

What are the best courses to take for college if you are interested in Business retail?

If you are interested in business retail, college is not required. If you are interested in business management, it is wise to take a lot of different business courses like marketing and economics as well as management classes.

What is the meaning of cross industry?

Across multiple industries such as healthcare, construction, and retail.

PPG Industries - How large are your retail stores these days?

it is too big

What is the main industries of ontario?

Manufacturing, with Auto's and machines at the top of that list. Service industries with Finance and Insurance topping that list, and Retail services.

The author of the opening sentences of this letter is hoping to?

"I am very interested in the retail manager position posted on I believe I have the ability and the motivation to take on all of the responsibilities this position requires. I have several years' experience working in a retail environment. Initially, I sold magazines door to door. I then worked as a part-time sales associate for several different retail clothing stores while attending school. I am now working as a full-time assistant manager for Rockin' Retail." answer(below) get a job as a manager.

What does POG stand for in retail merchandising?

Planogram position

What experience do you need to be a retail assistant?

The position of retail assistant can be an entry level position, which does not necessarily require experience. It requires the ability to follow the instructions you will receive from the person whom you are assisting. Of course, if you do have experience in retail sales, so much the better.

What is the definition of retail adviser?

A retail adviser works with clients and consumers to answer questions that they may have regarding the products or services. A retail adviser is generally a commission based position.

Are you interested in a job position to earn internship credit?


Why were imperialist countries interested in China in the late 1800s?

Imperialist were interested in China because of their healthy agricultural Economy and their extensive mining and manufacturing industries.

You are interested in documenting the history of retail industry in Fiji?

yes awesome i know right

What does industry verticals mean?

A vertical segment describes related industries, such as a supply chain, while a horizontal segment describes unrelated industries which share a common characteristic, such as "retail".

Why are you interested in a position at Bright Horizons?

When you are asked why you are interested in a position at Bright Horizons during an interview, you should be categorical. You need to show the interview what you have to offer to the company to make it better.