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Why are your 1990 jetta turn signals flashing fast and are not working but emergency signals work ok?


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2011-09-13 22:31:11
2011-09-13 22:31:11

Emergency flashers are a separate circuit. I would replace the turn signal flasher relay. To find it, switch on your turn signals and follow the sound. The flasher is probably worn. I hope this helps.

AnswerWhat he said, or you have a bulb out...
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There are several things that can cause your 2006 VW Jetta not to crank over or start. The flashing of the PRNDL display would indicate the antitheft system has been activated.

u have to replace the relay that is located behind the emergency light button on the dash

The 1990 VW Jetta turn signals will not work when the ground wire is broken or corroded. The turn signals may need the lightbulb's replaced.

A 2001 Jetta has an emergency trunk release lever along the side of the trunk. It allows children or those accidentally locked in the trunk to easily escape from inside.

What do you mean? The heat is fine in my 97 volkswagen jetta.

because that what they are for. otherwise they would be orange headlights.

When mine flashes it means that the coolant level is low.

You have to lift plastic cover where the emergency brake set into.There will be two nuts,which you either loosen or tighten.

There is not an emergency release on that vehicle. You'll have to pull the carpet back to pull on the cable that goes from the solenoid to the release.

Most likely a bad turn signal flasher or blown fuse

I am having the same problem. Do you have a new or old bodystyle? VW told me it is the 6th plug on the upper right side when you open the fuse box under the dash in drivers side. I changed it & nothing... when they thought I had a new bodystyle they told me it was in the steering column. I don't know & still need it fixed. Good Luck.

If it has stopped working then you will need a new a/c compressor. Get out your wallet they will run you about $1200.

its is you tachnometer that needs to be reseated or replaced.

Yes the 2006 Jetta has an immobilizer, there is a chip in the key fob which is activated by radio signals when inserted in ignition. It can cause grief when the key is not read properly ,your car will start run for 2 seconds then quit .

Fuse box on 98 Jetta is located under steering wheel above pedals.

4 way flashers and turn signals both have a "flasher can" in the system to make the lights flash the turn signal and 4 way flashers are controlled independantly of each other try replacing the flasher can for the 4 way flashers it is obvious that the bulbs are ok because they work on turn signals

The year make a difference but in general the ecu fires the coil according to other signals like the crank sensor

Tip: The oil light flashing indicates that the pressureof the oil is low, the light does not necessarily indicates when the oil level is low. The problem could be a bad oil pump or a leak in the filter.

Based on all of the information given in the question, we can speculate that it may be broke.

My trunk release in mine is in the center console behind the emergency brake. There is a button inside.

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