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Why are your areolas sensitive?

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The areolas are sensitive because of all the nerve endings there.

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How can you enlarge your areolas?

You can not enlarge your areolas.

Can you shrink your areolas?

no, but I think areolas are very beautiful.

Why do females have areolas?

In humans both sexes have areolas. They are just more pronounced in females as are the nipples.

Dark areolas but negative pregnancy test what else could cause your areolas to get darker?

Whoever said that is an idiot! not an idiot if it can happen i have dark areolas and have had negative tests for two months now

Why are your areolas getting smaller?

Male Areolas are getting smaller due to pollution and mostly in the town of Wilton Manors, FL

What is a areolas?

The bit around your nipples

Who has the biggest areolas?

Eden mor

How do you make your areolas smaller?


How do you get rid of Montgomery glands on areolas?

You don't

Do people of Irish descent have larger areola?

My bf is Irish and he has areolas the size of silver dollars, but the actual nipple is tiny. Yes, his areolas are bigger than mine.

Is there something that determines the diameter of a woman's areolas?

The size of areolas is essentially random, however they often get larger during pregnancy and return to their original size after breast feeding ends.

Why are your areolas are getting darker?

Pregnancy is the most common reason.

What causes blue veins?

KristyCalisto's tanned areolas! TeamScrottyFTW!

What is the plural of areola?

The plural of areola is areolae or areolas. Both are acceptable.

Can your areolas darkin during the third week of a pregnancy?

Definetly, The Areola around the nipple is very sensitive, escpecially to the hormones that rapidly run through your body to kick start the pregnancy, they can darken as early as 7 days after concieving. Dr. Kennedy PH.D

Why do some women have very big areolas?

It is simply due to genetics, puberty happening early and typically as women age, pregnancy. Large areolas are completely normal, especially when breast size tends to be larger.

Are noticeable veins and little white bumps on your areolas symptoms of pregnancy?

Along with a missed period, darkening of the areolas and other possible symptoms, than most definitely yes!! Take a pegnancy test to be sure though.

What is the scientific name for nipples?

They are called Mammary papillas. The round par around them are called areolas.

Can scabs on your areolas and soreness be a sign of pregnancy?

It usually a sign of irritation or a breast/nipple infection.

Why does your areolas change color?

i once heard it was so that the baby could find them easier...who knows

Are large areolas unattractive?

Personal preference; some people like 'em... some don't.

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He has sensitive teeth so he uses special toothpaste.Her feet were very sensitive.Sensitive people are usually very quiet.Be sensitive because he is upset.This file contains sensitive information.I am sorry but I cannot give that kind of sensitive information to you.

What is the prefixes for sensitive?

the prefix for sensitive is in-sensitive

How can your face be sensitive?

your face can be sensitive because your skin is always sensitive. like allergic reactions, its sensitive you can be sensitive if you break out in hives or your body can be sensitive. Your face can also be sensitive because of your bones

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