Why are zombies called zombies?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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because they want to be is an idiotic answer. Due to Africa mythology there called zombi. Voodoo queens and witch doctors stole souls of living and the dead to work for them and cause fear in people or to kill. Blood spilled is red like the color of chaos and hunt the ones who blood is pure which is blue, the red allows there blood to flow more and the brain part... I have no clue how that started. Point being Zombies are eternal workers as long as they have blood circulation. Hope this answers your question!

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Q: Why are zombies called zombies?
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What is the fear of zombies?

The fear of zombies is called Kinemortophobia

What is Nazi zombies for the ipod touch called?

Nazi zombies is renamed COD Zombies now.

What is a group of zombies called?

A group of zombies is called a mob, swarm, drag, appetite, or plague.

What were the zombies called in Romero's film Land Of The Dead instead of zombies?

They're called "walkers" or "stenches."

Are zombies really dangerous?

Yes. Zombies are really dangerous and scary. Zombies are called an undead human and creatures that came from the grave. Humans will outsmart zombies by killing them if they see zombies.

Will they be zoombies on mw3?

I'm guessing you mean zombies but no there wont be zombies . Infinity Ward does not include zombies in any of their games it is trearch who put zombies in their games (WaW and BO ) . Though there is not zombies there will be a mode similar called survival mode were instead of zombies there will be people as enemies .

What are mammals that eat only flesh called?


Is there a movie called Zombies in the Snow?

There's a movie called Dead Snow.

What is an Astro Zombie?

I saw an old movie called Astro Zombies a few years ago. In the movie the Zombies are from outer space. So I would say they are Alien Zombies.

Is there a Nazi Zombies flash game?

hey the closest one to nazi zombies that i have found is called SAS zombie assault

What are the red eys guargantuars called in Plants vs Zombies?

They are called Giga guargantuars

Why are zombies called zachs?

They aren't they are called zeds. zeds because that is british "Z"