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There are various reasons that you might choose to become an architect. For example, there is the fact that they earn a good wage.

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How does someone become an architect?

a person becomes an architect by becoming an architect

What tests do you have to take to become an architect?

Architect Registration Exam

Can you use the word architect in a sentence?

I am studying to become an architect.

What experience do you need to become an architect?

you need to have a 5 year bachelor's degree so you can become a architect

How much education is needed to become an architect?

What type of education do architect need?

What is one reason to become an architect?

One reason to become an architect might be because you are interested in creating innovative and original buildings for other people to enjoy. You might also become an architect because the pay is excellent.

What do you have to study to become an architect?


Do you have to be smart to become an architect?


What science do you have to learn to become an architect?

To become an architect you certainly need to study physics and maths... chemistry and computer science will help.

Do you have to be good at maths to become an architect?

You do in fact need to be good at math to become an architect. This is because math is very important in this field.

Why did Maya ying lin enter the competition?

because she wanted to become an architect i think its rite.. but she does want to become an architect (= hope i helped!

Can an convicted felon become an architect?

A convicted felon can become an architect. Felons are prohibited from working in many different government jobs and voting.

What do you need to become an architect?

Artistic skills.

How many years does it take to become a Architect?

It can take up to four years to become an architect. Most will receive a bachelor's degree in architecture and design.

What should you focus on to become an architect?

To become an architect you should focus on the following subjects:artmathsgraphicsgeography and historyphysicsICT

What skills are needed to become a architect?

You need these qualification to become a architect:Design talentEngineering abilitySocial awarenessBusiness aptitudeLegal knowledge

What do you have to do to become a landscape architect as well as an industrial architect and an interior designer?

you have to be a good designer and drawer, you have to be a good worker by your self, and you have to have intrist in it before you decied to be a architect.

When was Charles Rennie Mackintosh born and when did he become an architect?

Born 7 June 1868. Became an architect in 1899.

Why did Gustave Eiffel Become an architect?

He didn't. He was an engineer.

What OP score do you have to achieve to become an Architect?


When did Raphael become an architect?

when did raphael becoim an arcitect

What would you need to know to become an architect?

To become an architect you need to have good conceptual drawing and math skills. You also have to have a good understanding of people interact with their environment.

How old do you have to be to become an architect?

== In modern terms, to become an architect it is necessary to graduate university with a bachelors degree in Architecture; this normally takes about 5 years (ess if you want to become an architectural technologist, 3 years). How old depends on what age you start. Just add 5 years to, for example, 18, so about 23 years old. Normally you have a period of private practice experience of 2 years, followed by an exam and then officially you are an architect. In total, at the age of about 25 you are an Architect. == Practically, the age to become an architect is 33.

Who was the first black woman to become a licensed architect in the us?

Michelle Obama. An architect of governmental dominance over citizenry.

What exam is needed to become an architect?

You need to take the ARE (Architect Registration Exam), which is a 7-part exam required to get your license to practice architecture. To become an architect, you also must have an accredited degree in architecture and complete an internship program known as IDP.

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