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Q: Why can't I get a yeti on tap zoo even though I have five friends?
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Are marth and Zelda friends?

yes, they are friends even though they are...and still not in the same game...AND! in fact theyre great friends and Zelda can get along with those five swordsmen just fine actually.

Can you still get pregnant even though you have not had a period in five months?

It depends on why you are not menstruating.

Is it normal for all of my sister's clothes to fit me even though she is five years older then me?

it depends how big is she

When was Friends of Five Creeks created?

Friends of Five Creeks was created in 1996.

How far back to go with rental history?

Three to five years. Include all addresses even if you lived with family and friends or you were evicted.

What actress in friends had Had Five Other Friends and Friends With Money?

Jennifer Aniston

Can you have a baby when your five?

yes you can but u cant support it

Do potatoes count as your 5 a day?

Of course they do. even though the potato is categorised as a carbohydrate it is still a vegetable and still counts as your five-a-day.

How many babies does the Iberian lynx have?

Litters are usually two to three cubs, though, on rare occasions, there can be be one, four, or even five.

Your best friend has been living with your family for five months and now does nothing but sleep there. You're not friends anymore because of it and cant stand her anymore. How do you get her 2 leave?

Ask your parents to tell her to leave.

What are the names of the five friends of Christopher robin?

Winnie-the-Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore are five friends of Christopher Robin. There is also Roo and several more friends.

The former federation of Yugoslavia broke up into five independent states in the early 1990s even though the vast majority of people are ethnic?


The former federation of Yugoslavia broke up into five independent states in the early 1990s even though the vast majority of the people are ethnic?


Can you put a 305 in a Chevy s10 with a five speed transmission. the five speed had a 2.8v6 on it?

no you cant because even if the tranny fits the bellhousing it is too weak to handle a v8 so just get an automatic tranny you can find them pretty cheap on some sites

A sentence with the word literate?

So, literate means being able to read and write. "Even though the girl is only five, she is literate.

How many day cant you fine if your pregnant?


How do you do a five finger freeze?

you cANT its made up

What kind of drug test does parole use?

Don't know never been in trouble but had friends who have and they say it's a urine test. Not sure if it's five panel or ten panel though.

What five odd-digit numbers add up to exactly twenty?

that question cant be answered unless it was 3 odd-digits or 4 odd-digits with 1 even digit i think.

Who won FIFA 2010 golden boot?

The F.I.F.A golden boot was won by the German Thomas Muller , with five goals in 2010. Even though Diego Forlan, and Wesley Sneijder scored five goals they played six games.

What are the five cells of the visual pathway to the occipital lobe?

No I cant

What are five common bonds with friends and lovers?

The five common bonds with friends and lovers are: Enhancement of the personal well being, Mutual Regard, Mutual Trust and Secrity.

I cant remember my facebook password?

Click the forgot password option, and you will receive an email telling you how to recover it. Facebook released in October 2011 new feature "Trusted Friends": one can select from three to five friends who will help him to recover his account. Read more in the article below.

Which statement describes a person making a risky Health decision as a result of social conformity?

Answer this question… A student begins smoking cigarettes because many of her friends smoke.

Is five an even number?

No, five is an odd number.