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Why can't WikiAnswers show a complete list of my questions?

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If you are a registered user, go to "My contributions" on he blue panel on the left. Then select "Filter by: Questions (asked)". It will then list all the questions you've asked on WikiAnswers.

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What is a promoted question on WikiAnswers?

Promoted questions are questions chosen by the WikiAnswers team to be promoted. This list is different than the Featured Questions list.

How do I get a list of my questions on WikiAnswers?

It is in "My Contributions". There you can find everything you have done on WikiAnswers.

Is there a complete list of all the Senior Supervisors on WikiAnswers?

Yes, there is a complete list of all the Senior Supervisors on WikiAnswers. See the related question below for that list.

Where do you find a list of Answered questions on WikiAnswers?

Click on the "Browse questions" link on the top of the page (in the middle). This allows you to see all the different categories on WikiAnswers, and the questions in each of them.

Where can you find a list of the Supervisors on WikiAnswers?

List of WikiAnswers SupervisorsYou can see the complete list of WikiAnswers supervisors by going to wiki.answers.com/Q/WikiFAQs:Supervisor_Team. You can click on each supervisor's username to reach their profile or to navigate to their message board.

How do you search for old questions on WikiAnswers?

Currently, there is no way to view a list of the oldest questions, though this may be implemented in the future.

Where can you find a list of unanswered questions?

on WikiAnswers -----------Click the blue button up top that says answer. Then type in 'Unanswered Questions'.

Can WikiAnswers show you a list of all the new questions?

You can see all the new questions as they come in on this webpage:http://wiki.answers.com/questions/&src=rctQ

How do you find what questions you have asked on WikiAnswers?

You can find the questions you have asked by clicking on My Contributions, under My Pages, on the sidebar.The list can be filtered to only show Questions Asked.

What are the WikiAnswers rules?

Please view the link below for the complete list of the rules of WikiAnswers. The same link can be found at the bottom of each WikiAnswers page; it is labeled "Terms of Use."

Where can you find your own question on WikiAnswers?

If you are a registered user, you can go to your contributions page by clicking on "My contributions" on the blue sidebar. Then chose "filter by: Questions Asked" and you will see a list of all the questions that you have asked on WikiAnswers.

Is Selena Antill on Santa's naughty or nice list?

We can answer a lot of questions on WikiAnswers, but that is one that only Santa can answer.

Which Community Assistant has been on WikiAnswers the longest?

According to the list provided in the 'related questions', RoyR, Neila222, and Crystal have been on WikiAnswers for the longest (since 2005).

How do you use catch-all questions on WikiAnswers?

The catch-all questions are used by supervisors to remove questions of a harmful, unallowed, or incomplete nature. There is a list of these at the Help Center.

How can you search a question answered by yourself on Wikianswers?

You can go to your contribution page and filter the list by action "Answers (new)". That will list all the questions you answered.

Who are all the Supervisors of WikiAnswers?

See the related link below for a complete list of everyone on our Supervisor team.

How can you get the exact time when your questions get an answer on WikiAnswers?

View the question history and it will list the time (minute and hour) the question was answered.

What is the list of every one on WikiAnswers?

So far, there isn't a list that lists every member on WikiAnswers. However, there is a list of every Supervisor on WikiAnswers, just not every member that WikiAnswers has.

How do you navigate back to where you were after answering a question on WikiAnswers?

You can close the box of the question you just answered and it will be back at the previous list of questions.

What are recent contributions?

They are a list of your recent actions on WikiAnswers. These actions include answering and asking questions, categorization, editing answers, etc.

Do you have a delegate to reply to all the questions posted or are the questions that have been replied to removed from the list of questions on WikiAnswers?

Anyone can ask and answer questions on the site, and there is no one going through the list at all times, so some questions get answered right away and for others it takes longer. Questions that have been answered remain on the site so that people who have identical or similar questions can also get help.

How do you check to see if your questions have been answered on WikiAnswers?

When you ask or answer a question, there is a check-box that asks if you want to add this question to your watchlist - the default is "yes" so if you don't remember telling us to, then it is automatically on your list! WikiAnswers will email you when your questions are answered, updated, or edited.

Do you have to be a member to answer questions on WikiAnswers?

No, anyone can answer questions on Wikianswers. However, if you are planning to use this site often, it is recommended that you sign up as a member. It gives you additional facilities like a watch list, a message board, a history page. You can also choose to be notified when your question is answered.

Questions for computers?

From the WikiAnswers category "Computers", you get a list of, alternatively: * the highest rated questions * recently asked questions * unanswered questions All this functionality can be accessed by clicking "Browse" on the top edge of the page, and then selecting the sort order in the left sidebar.

Who are all the Wiki Influential Teens of WikiAnswers?

See the related thread below for a complete list of WIT members. This list is updated daily as new members are added to the program.

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