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People can't leave them because the person who is abusive to you will not let you go anywhere.

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Q: Why can't people leave abusive relationship's?
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How can I deal with a highly abusive brother when your parents won't listen?

Tell a teacher, counselor, anyone who will listen. When it comes to abusive relationships (family or lovers) you cant always do it on your own. Control, is probably the most important factor in abusive realationships, and there are many different ways to control a situation that doesnt have to be getting physical. There are people who can help you, dont be afraid to get the help you need.

How do you leave an emotionally abusive relationship where he isolated you?

just leave. nobody has the right to talk down to you. and if your isolated, go back to where your friends and family are. your the only person who can do something. you cant get help if you dont want to help yourself first

Are there people who cant leave fingerprints?

yes because they burnt their fingerprints off.

What do you call a woman who likes being in abusive relationships?

wow does anyone actually like that? as in really like? or do they feel they can change the person or feel theres no way out or they beaten there self asteem so much that they believe they cant do better!

Can someone tell that you are in an verbally abusive relationship if you are afraid to tell them that you have forgotten to do something that they have asked you to do for fear of how they will react?

Some people can tell yes if your in a abusive relationship. Very observant people usually notice things that someone who was less observive wouldn't notice. People will notice based on your fear around that person, the look in your eyes, personality, nervouseness etc. If your in a abusive relationship hon then please leave for you sake and get help. You cant put up with this and you definitely dont deserve no matter what your partner says to lower your confidence about yourself. Abusers and mean spirited people, who lack certain social status, opportuinitis and courage. With abusers its all power. If thy haven't got any power they become cowards. Leave him hon.

What to do if you're in an abusive relationship?

you get away from that person and call the cops but you cant let your spouse find out BE SAFE

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money cannot buy the things that make people truly happy; a person's health and good relationships are examples.

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