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i think the iPod is designed to take Mp4 vido files - try and find a video converted - WinAvi converter is a good one.

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Q: Why can't you download onto your you ipod from WMA?
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How can you download songs off of bearshare onto your ipod?

you cant download the songs on your ipod unless you buy them. Songs contain wma, itunes does not use that. get a converter on your computer.

What type of music format would you download in order to listen to music in an IPOD today?

a wma. file

Can an iPod touch play wma?

The iPod Touch does not support proprietary formats such as WMA. Such files will need to be converted to standard MP3s to use on an iPod.

Can you download music onto an iPod Nano using Windows XP without iPod software?

You need to have itunes installed. If you do not have the install disk you can download it from You can also make it a Linux device and would no longer need itunes, but you will not be able to use any music you bought from apples itunes store. You HAVE to have itunes unfortunately ( PS: sometime iPod cant support some music files such as .wma .asf ...May be u still need a third software to assist u to convert them to the right format .mp3 !

Why won't one certain song in my iTunes library drag onto my iPod I usually click and hold on songs and drag them onto my iPod but it won't do it for this one song?

check the extension file of the song, maybe is .wma and that format is not allowed

How do you change an MPEG file into a WMA file?

you cant

Does sony Ericsson's w550i support wma audio format if no then which?

does not support WMA.. all i know is that it supports MP3... you can download a software to convert Wma files into mp3

Do iPod play wma files?

no but if you try to put it on itunes it SHOULD automatically convert it

How do you convert MP3 to WMA format for razor v3m?

download a converter.

How do you convert WMA to MP3 for iPod on Mac?

Covnert video/audios to MP3 for iPod on Mac, I use Daniusoft video converter for Mac. Easy to use and just free download the software for trial.with a professional wma to mp3 converter, it is easy to do. MP3 to WMA Converter for Mac can help Mac users to convert MP3 to WMA Mac with perfect output quality and fast conversion speed.Guide: How to Convert MP3 to WMA MacStep 1: Launch the Mac MP3 to WMA Converter software and drag-drop MP3 files into it. This is also a Mac Video Converter that converts a variety of video files and audio files. Step 2: Choose output file format from output drop-down list where you will easily find audio files for output. Here we want to convert MP3 to WMA Mac, so we select WMA as output format.Step 3: Click "Start" to start the MP3 to WMA Mac conversion.

Can a dsi hold mp3 music?

normally if your device is music capable it will hold mp3 just waning u when you download music on your computer when you get music from a CD onto your computer make sure you select mp3 format instead of wma i am just saying because some devices do not play wma

Is it possible to change AAC music files to WMA music files?

Yea there is. Search Google for "AAC to WMA audio convertors"