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If you cannot log into Club Nintendo on your Wii then you may not be connected to the internet. Check that connection and be sure you are using the correct username and password.

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โˆ™ 2014-08-21 15:58:08
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Q: Why can't you log into club Nintendo?
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Do you get Wii stars every time you log into your club Nintendo account?

no because when i log into club Nintendo i don't receive wii stars

How do you transfer club Nintendo coins to your 3DS?

the coins at club nintendo are not the same as the eShop money, therefor you cant transfer because they are not the same thing.

How do you change star points into dsi points in club Nintendo?

i am not farmiliar with star points but i am a member of club Nintendo and i have a dsi but if star points are what i think they are then no you cant

How do you visit Club Penguin jail?

there is no club penguin jail you just get banned if you do something bad and you cant log in

Where to play Herbert revenge on club penguin?

you cant play it on have to have a Nintendo and buy the Nintendo game herberts revenge

How do you download games to DSi?

You Get Wireless internet make and Nintendo club and log on to it and shop with your 1000 points

Why you cant log pull up club penguin?

Post this on 3 different pages on here

How do you log in two club penguin accounts at once?

You can not log in two club penguin accounts at once on the same computer or laptop they have to be on a diffrent laptop or computer!So you cant actually log on two club penguin accounts on the same computer or laptop!Have to be on different ones!

Do club Nintendo members get free club Nintendo magazines?


How do you get a 3DS XL on club Nintendo?

The 3DS XL is not one of the prizes on Club Nintendo. You cannot get a 3DS XL from Club Nintendo.

When is the club penguin game for Nintendo DS lite coming out?

if you look up club penguin on nintendo.ds game on picturesit will come up i cant wait for it

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