Donkeys and Mules
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Why can't mules reproduce?

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Mules are unable to reproduce. This is because they have the wrong number of chromosomes to make either a horse or a donkey. Thus, they cannot have children.

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Can mules reproduce?

no mules cannot reproduce

Why cant a mule reproduce?

Mules are hybrid offspring of a male donkey (Jack) and a female horse (mare) Mules have 63 chromosomes, this odd number causes the vast majority to be born sterile. however it should be noted that female mules can reproduce, but this is very uncommon.

What is the offspring between a horse and a donkey?

A Mule. Although they cant reproduce with other mules, they are strong and capable.

Does a mule ever reproduce?

No, Mules do not reproduce as they are sterile

Does donkeys and mules produce jack asses?

Mules do not reproduce. They are sterile.

Why cant a mule have children?

Male mules are sterile due to the odd number of chromosomes that they posses (63), thus their sperm is sterile. However female mules can reproduce, though this is very uncommon.

What can mules NOT do?

Mules cannot reproduce. A mule is an offsprings of a horse and donkey and therefore are sterile.

Why mules can not reproduce?

Because Horses and Donkeys being different species have an uneven amount of chromosomes, only female mules can reproduce on a rare occasion.

Is it the female mule that can't reproduce?

All male mules and most female mules are infertile.

Can burros reproduce?

Burros can reproduce. It is the mule that is unable to reproduce. Mules are hybrid crosses of horse and burro.

Why cant mules make mules?

Because mules are rarely fertile... Females might be, but males aren't.

Can you breed a hinny to a donkey?

Hinnies are mules which are sterile, there is about a 5% chance that females will be able to reproduce again. Male mules are 100% unable to reproduce offspring.

How do you reproduce a mule?

Mules are sterile and cannot reproduce. A mule is the offspring of a donkey and a horse.

Can I Cross a stud mule with a mare horse?

No you cant as mules are infertile, however, in very very rare cases female mules (also known as Hinnies) can reproduce, 1 in a million chance of this happening but males are 100% infertile.

How do mules reproduce?

Mules are unable to reproduce, this is caused by the uneven amount of chromosomal pairs of the horse and the donkey. Horses only have 64 chromosomes, Donkeys have 62 chromosomes, therefore, the offspring (the Mule) has 63 chromosomes. All males Mules are sterile, but there is a 5% chance that a female mule (a Hinny) will be able to reproduce.

Can a crossbred horse reproduce?

Yes. Only mules (cross between a horse and a donkey) cannot reproduce.

What do you get when you breed a horse and donkey?

A mule. Mules cannot be bred together to make more mules, as they are infertile. (Meaning they cannot reproduce.)

What animal can't reproduce?

Mules are sterile as they are offspring of a horse and donkey.

Can mules reproduse?

Mules can not reproduce. Although there have been veryrare cases where a mule has "Supposedly" has bred. I personally think it was an overgrown donkey though because mules don't have a reproductive system.

Can female mules produce offsprings?

It is very rare for a female mule to reproduce.

How come you cant breed two mules?

The're sterile.

Why cant you reproduce if you have celiac disease?

You can reproduce.

Why are mules considered alive?

Living things are made of cells, reproduce, obtain and use energy, grow and develop, and respond to their environment. Mules meet these requirements.

Why don't mules reproduce?

This animal is F2 sterile secondary to a mutation on the 12th chromosome.

Can mules be trained to do the same things as horse?

Yes they can, a mule can do anything a horse can except reproduce (they are usually sterile). It takes a lot of patiene to train mules, but it can be done.