Why can't you download LimeWire on a Linux computer?


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You can. Limewire is cross-platform. If you check their website, you will find downloads for a Linux package as well.

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You cant, I think you have to do it from the site limewire.

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limewire itself does not..but some downloads of it has they can..but limewire itself cant..

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If you have an MP3 player that connect with iTunes, add it to your library, and it will merge with the MP3 player at next connect. If you have direct disk write access (ie - shows up in My Computer as a hard drive) just drag and drop the MP3 file from where Limewire downloaded it into the right folder on the MP3 player.

you cant , and anyway limewire has been closed down.

You have to download Team Viewer on your computer & also download it on the other computer you want to control, but you cant use this as a hack way, because you have to confirm your control from the other computer.

you cant but i might be wrong ok dood bye yo try downloading from limewire or utorrent and find torrents from piratebay

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you cant anymore they blocked every site

Try and send the file to another computer and play it on there!

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