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Why can't your cat walk on its back leg?

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Your cat should be taken the the vet and have their leg looked at. It could be broken or have a sore on it that is infected. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-08-27 15:20:57
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Q: Why can't your cat walk on its back leg?
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Can a cat walk if it breaks it's leg?

yes. has three more legs to walk with.

What has 2 leg but cant walk on the floor?

A right triangle

How can you tell if your dog broke its leg?

if you feel a bone sticking out or he cant walk on the leg then it is broke.

How do you know if your hamster twisted its leg?

it cant walk right or at all

Where is the cat hock located?

The back of the lower leg .

Why cant you move your right leg without pain on the right side of your low back?

It depends where you are moving your leg and how flexible you are. If you walk and end up screaming in pain at the same time, I suggest you visit a docor. Or call 911.

Can a leg bone in a cat go back in?

No...once a bone is taken can't be put back in

Can horses walk up stairs?

they can go up stairs but its more of a walk with the front leg and jumping with the back

Why does your dog lick the back of your leg when you walk?

Because he likes you and wants your attention.

Why cant you walk after you took your leg cast off?

IMPROVED ANSWER: You can't walk because your knee has been in the same position for six weeks. It will hurt as you straighten your leg. You should stretch and then start walking but not at the exact time!!!!

Why won't my dog walk on his back leg?

because it is probably hu tke it to the vet

Is a dog able to walk with a cast on his back leg even if its just fractured.yes or no?


How can you tell if your cat broke his leg?

If he or she is limping and not using the leg, you need to take the cat to a veterinarian, who can x-ray the cat and see if the leg is broken.

Why is it when you walk you get lower back pain wish then goes into your leg?

It could be that your sciaticanerve is pinched.

What can you give your cat for pain in back leg?

Take them to the vets. It happened to my cat 2 days ago and shes recovering really well

How do you help your cat heal a sprained leg?

Try to keep your cat off her sprained leg as much as you can to help it heal faster. If you can get the cat to allow you to put a cold compress on her leg, it will help the leg to heal.

Why does your dog walk behind you going from side to side nearly catching your back leg all the time?

he wants your legs to stop so that he can raise his leg.

My three legged dog can't walk on her back leg?

You should probably take your dog to a veterinarian, particularly if your dog became three-legged through an amputation to control cancer or infection - the cancer or infection may have spread to the back leg she now can't walk on.

Your cavy cant walk properly and her rear legs stick out to the side?

you need to take her to the vet. it sounds like her leg is fractured or broken

What helps a person with a broken leg walk?

Some crutches help a person with a broken leg walk.

How do you walk with a crippled leg?

You use crutches, have a wheelchair, or get your leg amputated and get a fake leg.

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you get your horse to walk by squeezing with your calf muscle (it is at the back of your leg) against the horses sides while pushing with your hips ! also try saying walk on it helps by using your voice.

Can you trim a cats back leg nails?

It is not possible to trim the hind nails of the cat, you have to embrace yourself for a fight.

What does the name Schievelbein mean in German?

translates to crooked leg, most of us walk funny or have back problems!

What to do if your dog's leg hurts and it can't walk?

pick it up, take it to the vet, get it fixed, and take it back home.