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Q: Why can Jen family have junk food only in among the hidden?
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What was the population law in among the hidden?

In Among The Hidden the law was that you couldn't have a third child. it didn't really tell what would happen if they found a third child but Luke thought that the government would kill him. also the government made a law that you couldn't eat junk food like chips and soda, stuff like that and you couldn't have a pet. the reasoning they made all this law was that they wouldn't have much food and things like that if it was overpopulated

Why do many families eat junk food?

I think that they eat so much junk food because possibly the parent/carer either cannot or does not want to cook for their family.

Where can you get fast food coupons?

A lot of fast food coupons come to me in the mail, and usually on a Monday. Most people call it junk mail, but there are some hidden 'gems' in there.

What are the proper foods for good pH?

Cause its not a junk food proper food is a proper food and junk food is a junk food:P

Which foods are included in junk food?

Heavily processed foods are junk food. If it comes in a bag or a box, its junk food. If it doesnt grow in the ground or on an animal, its junk food.

Is there a slogan on junk food?

yup,say no to junk food

Why are there junk food?

Because there's demand for junk food.

Are Doritos junk food?

yep defo junk food

How is junk food classed?


Is a pickle junk food?

no it is not junk food. i reefer to it as healthy food. but it is kind of sour.

Is protein inside junk food?

Yes junk food has protein in it?

Do people eat more junk food or healthy food?

junk.... not me