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Why can birds talk?

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Some people think that it could be because of a bird's 'vocal chords' but in reality, the syrinx is the organ that does the job, as opposed to a person which has a larynx. These organs are similar, but not quite the same thing.

Basically, birds in people both have organs that allow them to make sounds. And birds are smart enough to know how to mimic a sound made from the organs of a different organism.

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How do birds talk to you?

birds mimic or mock but they don't exactly talk to you

What are the sounds birds make used for?

It is for other birds to understand them and it is just how they talk to other birds when they talk to different birds officials

Can all birds talk?

In a way yes. We cannot understand it though, only the birds do! some birds can talk. but in order to teach them to talk you need to keep reapeating words and phrases to the and they may talk to you. however some birds can talk but they may not right away. give them time and eventually they might talk. dont give up keep trying!

Why do some birds talk and others don't?

Some birds have things to say and others don't! All birds have the ability to mimic (birds don't actually talk), but some do and some don't.

Can you talk to birds?

Yes, but they probably wont talk back.

What is the talk of the birds and the bees?

Birds and the bees is a euphemism for sex education.

Which birds can talk?

There are several birds that can mimic speech. These include:Lyre BirdsHill MynasCrowsStarlingsMacawsParrotsBudgerigarsCockatoosNOTE: NO birds can talk ... Talking is an exchange of thoughts birds merely mimic what they hear

Do love birds talk?


How are birds able to talk?

they arent

What can some birds do that other birds cannot?

fly talk sing swim

Who birds can talk like us?

you can teach specific birds like parrots parakeets cockatiels to talk like you. but trust me, its takes a while to train them to talk like humans

How do you talk to kanirey birds?

mind your buisness

Why do birds talk and not other animals do they have the same insides as humans or do they have the same vocal cords as humans do?

birds do not talk the chirp and sing there chirpping songs.

Do Birds brood on their eggs to help them hatch.?

Yes you can use brood as a verb to talk about birds incubating their eggs. But I think that is not common most people talk about birds sitting on eggs not brooding on eggs.

What do they mean by birds and the bees talk?

It means they want to talk about sex, in an educational way.

Do birds have fun?

birds probably enjoy flying but until scientists develop a way to talk to birds I'm going to say that yes, birds have fun.

Can you give me a long list of birds that talk?


What if your boyfriend says he wont talk to you unless you talk to him first?

just go with it love birds :}

Why animals don't talk?

Animals do talk - but in their own language. Some Birds can repeat what you say.

Why do birds chirp?

Birds sing to protect territory and attract mates. They chirp and vocalize in other ways to communicate where there are, where there is danger. Birds talk to birds and human talks to humans:)

What is the birds and bees talk?

Its a talk where you talk to your children about.... sex its when a man and a woman get very happy with one another and make a baby.

How birds talk to each other?

Birds talk to each other because they have a beak like a human has a mouth & they make chirp chirp sounds that come from their birdophram like we have a diophram:)

Can birds talk?

No. Most birds make sounds which communicate to other birds - for example warning sounds and songs to attract mates. Some birds (such as parrots and Mynas) can mimic human talking.

Does penguin talks to much?

No, penguins don't talk. They are birds. Not humans....

Can toucans talk in real life?

Yes, so do other birds.

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