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Why can genetic material of a cell be duplicated?

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If a cell hasn't duplicated it's genetic material before it starts dividing, then there will not be enough genetic material to divide...

During the G1 phase the eukaryotic cell cycle is the genetic material duplicated.

The genetic material is duplicated or copied before cell division.

The genetic material of cells is stored in the nucleolus. It is duplicated by ribosomes in the nucleus.

Chromosomes and sister chromatids are joined strands of duplicated genetic material. A chromatid is one copy of a duplicated chromosome which, before replication, is composed of one DNA molecule.

in synthesis (s) phase which is in interphase.

the daughter cell has parental genetic material in side them. In mitosis, genes have already been duplicated, and form x-shaped loops of genetic code. When the cell splits, each side of the x is pulled to an opposite end of the cell. The DNA is the same, so the cell is genetically identical.

The central feature of the cell cycle is the way the genetic material is duplicated and then passed from the original cell, called the parent cell, to each new cell, called a daughter cell.

the material that is in the nucleus of the cell and contains the genetic material

The genetic information is duplicated, so that each new cell has the same genetic code as the original.

s phase ensures that the genetic material (DNA) is transferred or duplicated without any error.

The nucleus is what contains the genetic material of a cell.

The genetic material in a bacteria cell is found in the cytoplasm.

The genetic material is in the cytoplasm.

The nucleus is the organelle that contains the genetic material of a cell.

Genetic material is found in the nucleus.

Chromatids are duplicated during synthesis. This helps keep the number of DNA chromosomes conserved for each cell during mitosis. If synthesis did not occur, genetic material would be lost during each division.

copy genetic material to produce an identical cell

why only DNA is the genetic material not the RNA in the cell

The genetic material of the cell is found in the nucleus. This material (DNA) can reproduce inside the cell by a process known as replication.

The genetic material of an animal cell is located in the nucleus- this contains the chromosomal DNA of the cell

During the S-phase of the cell cycle, chromatids are duplicated. Precise duplication of the chromatids is important in order to prevent genetic abnormalities.

Sexual reproduction increases the genetic material of a cell.

Chromatids are duplicated during the interphase part of the cell cycle. It is important to maintain the number of DNA chromosomes of each daughter cell, otherwise genetic material will be lost during each cell division.

it doubles - as the genetic information needs to be copied so when the cell divides, each cell has the same genetic material

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