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For electrons to be in the same orbital, they must have different spoins, or else they cancel each other out. Since this is the case, there can only be 2 different directions in which electrons can spin. So there can be either 1 or 2 electrons in each orbital.

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Q: Why can there be on more than two electrons in an orbital?
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No more than two electrons in the same atom can occupy a single orbital?

The orbital that allows no more than two electrons is the s orbital. This is a spherical shaped orbital. Elements with valence electrons lying only in the s orbital are metals.

Can more than two electrons fit into any atomic orbital?


What is the molecular orbital that can be occupied by two electrons of a covalent bond?

The s orbital is the one that can be occupied by no more than two electrons. All the other orbitals can also be occupied by at least two electrons.

Why can there be no more than two electrons in an orbital?

Electrons are negatively charged and repel each other. The presence of a maximum of 2 electrons in one orbital is itself surprising. The reason for this is that the two electrons have opposite spins which enables this.

Who said atomic orbital can hold no more than two electrons?

Was it Pauli? I'm not positive.

How many electron can be found in any orbital of an atom?

Each orbital in an atom can hold no more than two electrons, and they must be opposed in spin.

How many electrons are present in a 3d orbital?

Any orbital can have no electrons at minimum and two electrons at maximum.

How many electrons can exist in an orbital?

Each orbital can hold a maximum of two electrons.

How many electrons can be in the S orbital?

The S orbital contains a maximum of two electrons

What is the orbital notation for an orbital containing two electrons?

It depends what type of orbital these two electrons occupy. But there would be one arrow going up and one arrow going down to show two electrons in the same orbital.

How many outer orbital electrons is found in an atom of Be?

Be (beryllium) has four electrons total: the first orbital, the 1s orbital, has two, which leaves two electrons in the outer shell.

How many electrons are in an antibonding orbital?

Similarly to a bonding orbital, there would be two electrons at most in an anti-bonding orbital.

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