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Because a solid has a fixed shape while a liquid has no fixed shape.

However, it is possible to pour dry sand and that IS a solid. Can you think of why that is

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Q: Why can you pour liquids but not solid?
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What are solid liquids?

a solid is an object that is hard and liquid is something you can pour

What Has a a definite size but no definite shape?

Liquids. They will take the shape of whatever you pour them into. As opposed to solids. Hard to pour a brick into anything.

Can solid pour?

You can only pour sand... and i think if salt is a solid then you can pour salt. Hope this helped!

Which state of matter is most rigid?

Gases tend to float away by themselves. You can pour Liquids BUT, Solids are hard to deform.

Why solid do not dissolve in liquids?

Solid doesn't spread.

How are liquids different from a gas and solid?

Liquids have the form of the containers.

How are atoms organized in solids and liquids?

solid only vibrates and liquids are inter mediate between solid and gas.

If you pour different liquids into a graduated cylinder the liquids will form layers based upon differences in their?


Are most metals liquids or solid at room temperature?


A precipitate is the name for the that forms when liquids are mixed?

A precipitate is the name for the _____ that forms when liquids are mixed.

Can a solution be a solid a gas and a liquid or is it just liquids and gases or just liquids only?

A solution can be a solid, liquid, & gas.

What are beakers used for in science?

to contain liquids, to pour liquids, and to measure volume (although it is not as accurate as a graduated cylinder)