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How do you replace a recessed light bulb?

If you have a hard time getting a grip on the bulb to unscrew it, then try wearing dishwashing gloves.

What happens to thermal energy if an object absorbs light energy?

The thermal energy of an object that absorbs light energy is increased. This is because light and heat are forms of energy, thus absorbing light will produce an increase in thermal energy.

Is color an object or a property of light?

The property of light

What kind of energy does a campfire fireworks and a burning candle all produce?

light and thermal

What is the property that reflects light?

Reflectivity is the property that reflects light.

How do we generate thermal energy?

Thermal energy is simply heat. Light a fire.

What is thermal energy used in?


Is thermal energy and light energy two forms of potential energy?

Light and thermal energy are good examples of kinetic energy...

Why will a light bulb produce thermal energy?

Because the light form the bulb produces heat witch produes thermal energy.

Is light a physical or chemical property?

Light is not a property, it is a form of energy.

Example of energy transformation?

electricity to thermal wind to heat Potential to Kinetic Kinetic to thermal wind to electrical Kinetic to potential light to thermal electricirty to mechanical mechanical to electrical light to electrical nuclear to electrical thermal to electrical

Is production of light chemical or physical property?

The production of light is a chemical property.

Is thermal energy light?

Thermal energy is not light. It is heat! Energy of heat and temperature of matter (more heat=more thermal energy=more movement of molecules) Temperature measures movement of molecules

How does light transfer energy?

thermal energy

which property of light is being demonstrated in this technique?


What does light energy convert into?

Light energy from the Sun converts into thermal energy

What is the energy transfer in a light in the ceiling?

it is electrical to radiant and thermal I'm not sure about that answer i think it's electrical to light (useful energy) and thermal (which is the wasted energy)

Are the line going to the thermal coupler and pilot light supposed to get hot?

is the lines on the thermal coupler and pilot light for a hot water heater supposed to get hot

Is fire a type of thermal energy?

Yes it is a thermal energy, because it produces light with high temperature

Is thermal energy a type of energy?

Yes. Infrared light heats with the energy its quantum delivers. That is thermal.

What is energy from light called?

"light energy." If you mean the heat coming from light, it's "thermal energy."

What energy does a refrigerator convert to?

thermal nd light.

What produces thermal energy but not light energy?


What clothes or accessories help while running in cold weather?

light gloves, light pants, and a headband.

Which type of energy makes a light bulb feel warm?

It is thermal energy, which is also known as heat, which makes a light bulb feel warm.