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Q: Why cant guys find the right girl?
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Why can't guys find the right girl?

its because guys must have the wrong girls before they find the right girl so they could appreciate the right girl more once they find her. And because the guys could understand more and be more mature in a relationship so they won't regret it when they let go of the right girl. ANSWER: Some do and some don't, but for those who don't those men are easy to get bored with just one relationship. They feel lost when they can't have one more relationship, and that is what so sad about man who end up hurting the woman that loves him..

What country are butterfish from?

plz help me guys :( i cant find it anywere !!

Why can most girl resist their sexual urges and most guys cant?

Because there's bigger social pressure on girls to resist that there is for boys. Also guys sometimes cant help themselves.

Does guys like when girl have belly button pierced?

Many guys like it when a girl has her belly button pierced but some don't. The guys who do like it find it to be a turn on for them.

How can you convince a boy that you are the right girl for him?

see what u guys like and if your guys are alike in any way

What kind of girl should a guy like?

Different guys like different girls. Just wait until you find the right one.

What do guys find attractive in a girl?

In general different guys have different tastes in women but most guys like a girl that is pretty, friendly, easy going, and fun to be around.

Why dont guys make the right choice and go for the right girl?

Because guys think more about sex than girls' feelings. Just how we are.

What do guys do when they find out a girl like them?

they try to play it cool

Why does this girl find you really funny?

they are nervice around guys

Why 'nice guys' never get the girl?

Nice guys get girls too, just most girls go for the tough guys. We like guys who lead the relationship, so there isn't much expected from us... So sometimes, being tougher works more, but be urself and im sure u will find the right girl

Who says guys and girl cant be friends?

hormones n the fact of our different parts I have guy and girl friends. I think you can still be friends with them

Why cant most guys ever make up their mind about the girl they like?

Hormones and how many girls are out there! =)

Why don't guys treat girls right?

Some guys do you just have to find the right guy if a guy doesn't treat you right he isn't worth it!:)

How to find out if a guy likes you but he flirts with girls?

well guys do that because they don't know how to act with a girl they find attractive. they act like that alot but mostly guys will pick on the girl he likes

Why do some guys become angry when they drink alcohol?

Some guys such as alcoholics cant proccess things when they are drunk, they will not rationalize and in there minds they are always right.

What guys do girls like?

If you just be your self then eventualy the right girl for you will apper.

Why is it so hard for guys to get the hint that a girl likes them?

Guys find it hard to get the hint that a girl likes them because they may not know how to read body language.

Why do guys like to cheat on girls?

i guess they cant stay with one girl, they grab a girl, knowing she will be with him forever, but he just gets tired of the same girl being slammed by him....

How do guys know if a girl is a good kisser?

You have to kiss them and find out for yourself

Do guys look in a girl by their looks?

To be honest, MANY men do this, however, there are those people (men) that do NOT do this, I would go and wait until you find that 'right' one.

How can overweight guys get a girlfriend?

If the girl you like is good she will not mind you being overweight. There is a dialogue in a movie "If you cant change the girl; change the girl' That is if she has such demands then she is not for you buddy. You can start looking for another one or wait for the right one. P.S Even i don't have one so i have started reducing weight

Can a guy answer this what affect do us women have on you guys?

Girls have one main thing, and that's that us guys are, and i cant deny it, naturally attracted. Guys will go crazy for a girl, whether it be fighting, stalking, ect.

What guys look in a girl honestly when it comes to marriage?

someone they can trust, someone they cant live without, someone who understands them :)

Why do guys get turned on when two girls male out?

Guys like girls, the shape of the bodies and softness of there lips. All things about them really. But guys do not like the shape of other guys. They dont get anything out of a guy and girl making out because the guy and girl still has a guy in the equation and a girl cant make out with herself. so therefore guys like it when the thing they like to see makes out with the other thing he likes to see.