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Why car runs great for half hour then quit will not restart?

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2009-10-31 15:51:40


It could possibly be a faulty fuel pump, the 90-93 had fuel pump

problems and it sounds like you aren't getting fuel and then the

fuel pump is worn not delivering fuel when you try to restart it.

Try turning the key on and off four or five times for a few seconds

each time, then on the last try turn the key all the way to start

it. if that works, it is the fuel pump.

It's the ignition modual, after it get's hot the cooling packs

are bad and it stalls. to test this next time it stalls and won't

start pull one wire(spark plug wires) from modual and hold it a

half inch away and turn engine over, you should get a spark jump

test each wire if no spark replace modual.

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