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Celery does have roots.

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How does celery drink water?

by roots

What type of roots does celery have?

the type that's underground.

Does celery store its food in the stem or roots?


Which plant has roots that are often eaten by mammals?


How does food coloring changing the color of celery?

The food color is absorbed by the celery from its roots, whatever color you put in the water affects the color of the celery.

How long will it take for vanilla extract to go in the roots of celery?

24 years

Where does celery absorb more water?

If you put the roots of celery in diluted food dye, it will eventually turn the colour of the food dye, in about 1-3 days

Can a celery grow without roots?

Yes because the stem system which delivers water are still working.

Is celery a root vegetable?

Probably not. I am not sure, but surely, I don't see roots plucking out when I pull a cellery stalk.

How does celery look likeshow me the picture of celery?

Celery Celery

What carries water from the roots to the leaves of celery?

it is called xylem and the water that is passing through the xylem is called xylem sap

How does water flow in celery?

Well, the water flows like in any other plant. It is absorbed by the roots, then transported through the xylem to the rest of the plant. You can see this by putting celery ( with the leaves) in colored water. The bottom and leaves will change to the color of water.

What part of speech is celery?

Celery is a noun. A sentence with celery in it is: The celery was mushy. A noun is a person place or thing. Celery is a thing which makes it a noun.

What is celery in Hindi?

Celery in hindi =Ajvain Celery in Sanskrit = Ajmoda

What is the plural of celery?

Celery is both singular and plural. You can have one stick of celery or many bundles of celery. You do not have "celeries".

What is the difference between celery salt and celery powder?

can you substitute celery salt for celery powder? If so what is the ratio.

Is there salt in celery?

Don't confuse celery (the vegetable- Apium graveolens) with celery salt.Celery doesn't contain salt.

What takes more calories to eat than it contains?

celery ! celery ! celery !

Where does celery live?

Celery is grown in the ground; the celery sprouts above the soil.

What is the Kannada word for 'celery'?

In Kannada, celery is called Gudda Sompu.

What is salt celery?

This is a mixture of salt with dried grounded celery (or celery seeds).

What is celery stock?

a celery stalk is one long big strip of celery

Is celery a fruit?

Celery is a vegetable.

What is the Tamil word for celery?


How much celery salt in a stalk of celery?

Usually there is 60% salt in a stalk of celery. It depends how big the stalk of celery is, Which usually there is 70 to 75 percent salt in big stalks of celery.