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There is a wire harness. The bulbs tend to go out.

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Q: Why dash light out on 94 Mazda 626?
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94 Mazda 626 dash board lights out is it a fuse or electrical probem?

do you have 2000 mazda 626 dash board?

How many gallons in 94 Mazda 626?

13 gallons

Why wont your 94 Mazda 626 get out of the park gear?

check your links on the transmission cable.

Can you swap a 94 Mazda 626 tranny with a 96 Mazda tranny?

No you cannot swap a 94 into a 96 626 and vice versa. But you can use a 96 Ford Probe transmission in a 94 626. Check for a list of transmissionsin your area. The listing will show alternative vehicles that the same tranny came in. I use it all the time when hunting compatible parts.

What is the order for spark plug wires to be plugged in on the distributor cap on a 94 Mazda 626?


Will a Mazda mx6 motor work in your Mazda 626?

yes it fits, they even fit in a ford probe there all the same engine, I currently have a 94 Mazda 626 with an 95 mx6 engine, 4 banger, but the same goes for v6,

What other Ford Probes will part interchange with a 1996 madza 626?

Most of them, 94-98 The 93:s second gen have a different wiring than the 94-98 when it concerns the engine electrics but mechanically thay are more or less the same. My 94 SE is running with the disty from a Mazda 626, the driveshafts from an Ford Probe GT V6 - 97, the brake discs and brake pads for a Mazda 626. The engine is more or less equal to the Mazda 626 egine, the valve cover differs. The chassie is more or less mechanically a 626. The Probe is an MX-6 with different valve cover and bumpers and the MX-6 is the sportier model of an 626.

Where are the timing marks on the cam 94 Mazda 626 v6 engine?

i have a mazda 1994 626 v6 24 valve car and i think the timing belt just broke where are all the timing marks crank shaft and cams?

What can cause a 1994 Mazda 626 not to start?

I have a 94 Mazda 626, and i had this issue the starter was bad car would not turn over to start it just died on my while driving came to a stop light and bam died. I change the starter and it started right up now it works every time on the first try.

How do you replace the brake light located in the rear deck of a 94 Mazda 626?

you have to kneel on the back seat and remove the cover from the rear deck.the bulb socket is turned counterclockwise and the bulb can be replaced.

Will a 1994 Mazda mx3 dash fit in a 1992 Mazda mx3?

yes, you will have to remove all the plastics from the 94 and put them into the 92, as well as the wiring.

No tail light or dash light on 94 buick century?

I have the same problem, I don't know what to do.

Where is the blower relay on a 1990 Mazda 626 LX located?

Check in the fuse box under the hood over the left front tire. That's where it is on my 94.

Is the right O2 sensor on a '94 Mazda 626 es with a 2.5 6cyl on the front or rear manifold?

You did not specify which O2 sensor it is. Is it sensor 1 bank 1, sensor 2 bank 2, sensor 2 bank 1, or sensor 1 bank 2. There are four O2 sensors on a mazda 626

Where is the starter found in a 94 Mazda 626?

its located next to the oil filter, its the alternator next to the oil filter and next to that is the starter!!! i know cause i had to change mine.

How to install rear brakes on a 94 Mazda 626?

i was told by a technician that you turn the cilynder itself, and it would go back in... i tried this myself, and can still not get it to go in.. aynone heard about this?

How do you disconnect the stock anti-theft system on a 1993 Mazda 626 ES?

My Mazda is a 94. There is a black switch near the hinge on the driver's door about 6" from the floor board in front of the fuse box. The down position turns it off.

What size are the front speakers on the 94 Mazda 121?

The size of front speakers on a 94 Mazda 121 are 130mm.

Where is the brake light switch on a 94 Ford Thunderbird?

attached to the brake pedal up under the dash.

What is the signal wire for MAF for a 94 Mazda protege?

need to know what wire go were for a 94 Mazda protege MAF sensor

How do you turn off the light on dash board of an airbag in 94 tercel?

check your fuses or re-connect the airbag

How do you check your check engine light on your 94 accord?

Turn on the ignition and look at the dash. The light will come on and stay on for a few seconds to let you know it is working.

How to read 94 Olds Cutlass check engine light?

The check engine light on a 94 Buick Olds Cutlass is read using an OBDII code reader. It is connected to the port under the dash which interfaced directly with the reader.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 94 Mazda 626?

The fuse box should be in the engine compartment. Lift the cover off of the fuse box. Turn the cover over & there should be a diagram on the underside of the cover.

94 Chevy s-10 blazer dash bored don't light up?

It must be the fuse. Or there is a short somewhere.

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