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Q: Why did Aaron Copeland want to become a composer?
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Did Mozart want to be a composer when he was young?

He was a composer when he was young.

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federalists according to my review...which leads me to the question of why did federalists want aaron burr to become governor of ny? Any guesses lol...nothing?..damn

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It is by Copeland! No one really wins.

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yes he does

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Mantovani is dead.He WAS a composer & had his own orchestra.

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He was a composer. If you want a more specific answer, write a more specific question.

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October 30, 1973. If you want to know anything else about him just type his name in on WikiAnswers.

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Aaron Ehn

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The one that i grew up listening to was "I want Candy" by Aaron Carter.

Why did kellie copeland get divorced from Doyle Blaine Ward?

It wasn't abuse. Mr. Ward did not want to be manipulated by the Copeland business. He did not want to work for his father in law. Mr. Ward wanted to support his family like any husband and father would. Kellie did not want to live her father's side and follow her husband, therefore the family fell apart and divorced followed.

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why do people want to become photographers?

How can you leave your phone number to Kenny Copeland with rose Royce?

Your question is very vague please be specific what you actually want to say.

Who was the first classical composer made famous?

Questions like this one are impossible to answer. It is both vague and simplistic. How do you decide when a composer becomes 'famous'? (Famous where? How? To whom?) What exactly do you mean by a 'classical' composer? If you can explain exactly what it is you want to know, and for what purpose, you might get a useful answer.

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