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Because he was a coward.

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You must tell them that life is to short and, only cowards commit suicide even if it takes courage to commit suicide.

Because she wanted to commit suicide with him, it is thought that she took the poison herself.

No, she chose to commit suicide with him.

If you are asking whether Hitler committed suicide, the answer is yes.

No. He commit suicide.

he commits suicide because the thought that they lost the battle

No, Hitler, his wife (Eva Brawn) both committed suicide.

Hitler did want to commit suicide because hsi plans went wrong and he didn't want to live through Winston Churchill declaring victory to the Allies.

Firstly life isgods gift, not meant to be ended by suicide.It takes courage to commit suicide , but only cowards commit suicide, do not throw this life so easily . God gives life and god takes life. Those who commit suicide will go to hell.

On Monday, April 30th, 1945, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide.

a gun and a capsule of cyanide.

He drank poison and shot himself in the head.

Because she wanted to commit suicide with Hitler.

No, Hitler Forced FIELD MARSHAL Rommel to commit suicide, because of his involvement with the June 20th plot to kill Hitler (made popular by the Box Office movie "Valkyrie". Source:

1945 Did he commit suicide? There's many that say it was hitler's stand in that sacrificed himself and hitler left on one of the unrecovered German warships to Argentina where he lived to the mid 60s. If Martin Boorman made it to freedom why couldn't hitler?

Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945. The Soviet army was already very close to his bunker in Berlin. He decided he did not what to be taken prisoner.

He committed suicide before Germany's surrender as he would never have surrendered.

No, he committed suicide because he realised Germany was going to lose the war and that he was responsible for it.

He committed suicide before they surrendered, while Berlin was being taken over.

Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 and Hiroshima happened on 6 August 1945, so he committed suicide a couple of months before Hiroshima.

No, he did it when the Allies reached Berlin.

Hitler did not have any children, but he and his wife did commit suicide together. His wife took poison and Hitler shot himself.

He committed suicide shortly before the end of WW2, on 30 April 1945.