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Because they are against war.

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this was in may 1970 people gathereed in capital cities like sydney it was to go against conscription in Vietnam war

As a protest against the Vietnam War.

Demonstrating at a mass rally- apex

When the war ended, the need to protest it ended.

Homeland protest and perhaps they were smarter than the US.

Acts against the Vietnam War included demonstrating at a mass rally and joining an anti-war march.

The Mexican movement is known as Indignados, which began on 28th March 2011, to protest against Drug War.

they were used to spark protest against America's involvement in the Vietnam War

Protest Theology is synonymous with Protestant Theology. The root word "protest" is derived from the protest against the Roman Catholic church in the sixteenth century - a movement led by Martin Luther and other early reformers.

The first hippies started as a movement speaking out against the Vietnam war and against American civil inequality. The first ones came to protest the establishment- but later on, hippies just became bums who no longer had a cause and were only in it for the music sex and drugs.

They weren't. The Vietnam war lasted 8.7 years according to Wikipedia. That is 2x the length of WWII, and just as long as the Iraq war. So, the answer is that protest songs were largely ineffective in changing the course of the war.

Hayden was born in 1939; he still could've been drafted into military service.

An all volunteer military and a new adult age of 18 instead of 21.

One group that opposed Australia's involvement was the "SOS Movement" - which were a group of mums who began this protest group in order to abolish conscription and get the soldiers to come back from Vietnam. They were called the "SOS Mums", SOS meaning, "Save Our Sons". Hope this helps!

The protestant revolt also known as the Protestant Reformation to protestants.

It was different from the historical movement namely because it already did not protest against abortion. Maybe it was even the turning point.

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