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In those days it was considered the normal thing to do. If Britain hadn't done it then India would have been ruled by Portuguese or French. Think on that.

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When did Britain imperialize India?

They imperialized India in the early 1700s

Who did Britain imperialize?

India -- Gandhi's period. Africa -- read Things Fall Apart.

Why did Britain imperialize Africa?

They wanted to

Can you give me a sentence for the word imperialize?

It seems as though Great Britain is unable to imperialize the world, after all.

Who imperialized India?

The British took control of India and forced them to imperialize.

How did Britain imperialize china?

Britain attacked the country with its superb technology, which forced China to surrender.

What is a sentence for possession?

Many countries did not want to become a possession of Great Britain when it attempted to imperialize the world.

Why did Italy imperialize china?

It didn't imperialize China.

How did Britain influence India?

Britain did not influence india.

How has Britain helped India?

britain helped india for sucking

Why did Great Britain imperialize china?

They wanted to expand their global empire and open their markets to Far East goods, specifically silk and opium.

Use bystander in a sentence?

It seems as though various cultures were unable to remain as an innocent bystander when Great Britain attempted to imperialize the world.

Did Britain modernize India?

Britain did not necessarily modernize India, but they did westernize India. Britain brought the English language, English schooling and English goods to India.

Where did France imperialize?


Which Is bigger than in Britain or India?

India is bigger than Britain by a mile

Why did great Britain imperialize Africa?

They imperialized Africa for economical reasons... They did because Africa has a lot of mines , and they're naturally wealthy because of their diamonds... etc.. :)

Why was Great Britain In India?

As occupants of India

Who tried to imperialize Ethiopia?

Italy tried to imperialize Ethiopia. When the Italian people tried to conquer it, they were defeated because the Ethiopians were prepared.

How is Britain connected to India?

It is connected through trade and Britain used to own the whole of India

Why does Britain still have so many links with India?

Britain has still contact with India. It is not bad to have them.

What wars did India and Britain have?

India was involved in war with Britain for independence. The first war of independence took place in 1857. India was involved in other wars with Britain afterwards.

Why did great Britain want to leave India?

Britain was forced out. India wanted a government of their own. Also, It was because, Britain had no reason to be there anymore.

What was India like after Britain ruled?

pakestan india

When did India become independant from Britain?

India gained independence from England (Britain) on August 15, 1947

Why did Great Britain consider India part of their empire?

India became independent in 1948 from Great Britain