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Why did Canada choose a mixed economy?

1980 US president, Ronald Reagan, supported less government in the economy to reduce government spending and regulation of corporations. Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney, fallowed Reagan's example and fought for the shift right (less government involvement in the economy) in the economy in 1984. Ever since than there has been shift lefts and shift rights everywhere. therefore, Canada is a Mixed economy :)

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Q: Why did Canada choose a mixed economy?
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Is Canada a Mixed Economy or is it a Market Economy?

mixed economy

What type economy does Canada have?

Canada has a mixed economy

What economy does Canada have?

A mixed market economy.

Which type of economy exists in Canada?

Mixed economy.

What 2 type of economy does Canada have?

Mixed economy and market economy

Does Canada have a command economy?

Canada has a mixed economy. A mixed economy is that where the production is determined by supply and demand. In command economies, the government decides what everybody produces and sells.

What country has a mixed economic system?

Canada is a mixed economy.

Example of a mixed economy?


Is Canada a mixed economy?


What kind of economy is in place in Canada?

A mixed market economy

What type of economic system does Canada have?

Canada has a mixed economymixed economy

What countries practice a mixed economy?

The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada are among the countries that have a mixed economy. A mixed economy is practiced in Japan and Australia.

Is American a mixed economy or is it a market economy?

U.S.A is a Market Economy Canada is a Mixed Economy Whoo Hoo!

What country is a mixed economy?

Japan, and Canada

What economic system does the US and Canada have?

Canada and the U.S have a mixed economy.

What is an example of mixed market economy?

Canada mixed Russia Planned USA market

Examples of mixed economy?

india canada france etc

What countries are using the mixed economic system?

Canada uses a mixed economy -

What is a free market economy and how can it benefit the economy?

Individuals in the mixed economy(laissez-faire economy) are free because they are free to choose what they want to do.

How does Canada have a mixed economy?

Canada has a mixed economy because the groverment has put SOME rules. (e.g. money rage, taxes est) we have the freedom to chose wht we want to get,wear,even buy.

How would the economy of Canada be characterized?

mixed, but on the side of free market

What is the difference between market economy and mixed economy?

The difference between market economy and mixed economy is that a marked economy is a marked economy and a mixed economy is a mixed economy

Did Canada change from a command economy to a mixed economy?

Canada turned into a planned economy during the war becase they needed supplies so the all the companies were required to make supplies for the war.

What makes Canada's government different from US's government?

Canada - Mixed economy, less capitalist, appoints judges. U.S.A. - Capitalist economy, votes for judges.

What type of economy does Canada have?

Canada has a Mixed Economy which means that you are free to sell want you want as long as you follow the various regulations for selling your product tyes thius is totally right im from Canada too