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The Carolingian Empire divided because the tradition at that time was that a kingdom was divided among the sons of the king. The imperial title could be divided or not, so there could be co-emperors, but there were a number of kingdoms within the empire. These kingdoms went to war with one another for various reasons, and after a lot of changes, the empire was divided with the largest pieces being the Kingdom of the Franks and the Holy Roman Empire. Both of these changed their methods of monarchic succession.

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Q: Why did Charlemagne's empire divide?
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What helped unite Charlemagnes empire?

A strong and efficient government.

What was Charlemagnes impact on Europe?

He united most of Western Europe under the Carolingian Empire.

Why did Charlemagnes empire break up after his death?

Charlemagnes was a great and powerful leader, as well as a warrior. However, when he died a lot of warriors fought for his power. In the meanwhile, his empire grew weaker and weaker. When they finally selected a leader, it was too late.

Why was Charlemagnes empire split?

It was partitioned among his three sons following Germanic inheritance rules.

What did Charlemagnes empire do in AD 800 that the European Union is doing today?

they are calling the goverment to go to the renissance

Who was Charlemagnes father?

Charlemagnes fathers name was Pepin the Short Charlemagnes grandfather was Charles Martel which means Charles the Hammer

In what way were charlemagnes empire and the old roman empire similar?

No similarities. The Roman Empire was an ancient empire and the Carolingian Empire was a medieval one and therefore related to two totally different societies. The only thing was that Latin was the language of the church, bureaucrats and intellectuals.

Did charlemagnes empire not only occupied current-day France but also stretched into Germany austria and northern Ireland?

The answer is false his empire did not strech into germany Austria and northern Ireland.

What happened to charlemagnes empire when louis died?

When he died in 814, his empire went to his only legitimate son, Louis the pious. After Louis' death in 840, it was divided amongst Louis' three sons; Lothair, Louis and Charles the Bald.

Is Charlemagnes father pepin the short?


When did they divide the Roman Empire?

In a.d. 79

When did the Romans divide their empire?

284 ad

Why did the Emperor Diocletian divide the Roman Empire into two?

He didn't divide the empire in two. Diocletian divided the empire in four. He did this in an attempt to make the governing of so vast a territory more manageable.

When did Diocletian divide the Roman empire?

he divided the empire because realized the empire was simply to big to be ran by 1 man

Theodosius decided to do what after his death?

divide the roman empire

What did the mongols divide their empire into after conquering it?

they divided the empire into 3 catageorines dat, monter, and mon

How did the partition of charlemagnes empire contribute to the emergence of feudalism?

The Fall of Rome (No Central Government), The Rise and Fall Holy Roman Empire (Knights, Setting up of Counties), The Viking Raids and their pillaging of Europe (Need for protection) all contributed to the rise of Feudalism in Eurupe

Where was charlemagnes empire?

Charlemagne's empire, which is called the Carolingian Empire, included the following present day territories:France, except for BrittanyBelgiumthe NetherlandsLuxembourgMost of GermanySwitzerlandmost of Austriapart of Croatiathe northern half of Italythe eastern parts of the Spanish PyreneesIn addition, there are areas to the east of these that are considered tributary.There is a link below to a map of Charlemagne's empire

When did diocletian divide the empire into a tetrarchy?

Emperor Diocletian divided the Roman empire into a tetrarchy in A.D. 293.

Did the diocletian divide the roman empires into northern and southern?

diocletian divided the empire into the eastern and western empire

When did the roman empire officially divide into 2?

The Roman Empire never officially divided into two parts.

Why did Diocletian divide the Rome Empire?

AD 293 (obviously)

What did Darius divide the Persian Empire into?

Twenty Satrapies (Provinces).

Who decided to divide the roman empire into two parts?


What was charlemagnes title?

Charlemagne had a number of important titles, including most importantly King of the Franks and Emperor of the Romans (Carolingian Empire). He was also the King of Lombardy, and had lesser titles, such as Patrician, which was given to him one of the popes.