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Charles Dickens' dad went to jail because of bad debt.

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Q: Why did Charles Dickens' dad go to jail?
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What did Charles Dickens dad do?

go to debtors prison

Did Charles Dickens go to jail?

No, but his father was imprisoned briefly for debt when Dickens was 12.

Why did Charles dickens go to jail how did he feel?

Charles didn't go to prison but his father did in London in 1822. It was a debters prison because they had no money. So Charles had to work in a blacking factory to keep he family going when he was only 11. He visited his dad every Sunday at his prison. His dad's name was John Dickens.

What did Charles dickens dad go to prison for?

child abuse (rape)

Did Charles Dickens family go to jail?

yes but i dnt know hoe

Why did Charles dickens mother go to prison?

because when Charles dad went to prison, Charles mom and Charles started to sell all the things they had, but at a point, they didn't have anything left so the only thing they could do was to go to jail.

When did Charles Dickens' family go to jail?

John Dickens was jailed for debt in 1824 and took his family with him, as a way of saving money. Charles was sent to live in lodgings and work at Warren's Blacking Factory.

How old was Charles Dickens when his father went to jail?

Dickens was about 12 when his father went to debtor's prison. Right before his father was jailed, Dickens was compelled to go to work at Warren's Blacking (shoe polish) Co.

Did Charles dickens go to post college?


What did Charles Dickens do?

go to debtors prison

When did Charles Dickens' father go to prison?

Charles Dickens was twelve at the time of his father's imprisonment for debt in 1824.

What website can you go to to find the SHORT version of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Charles dickens?

it is called shockwave .com

Where did Charles dickens father go when he was in debt?


Where did Charles Dickens go in 1842?

America... Dah.............................................

Where did Charles Dickens father go to prison?


Did Charles dickens go to high school?

he did not go to high school

Where was Charles Dickens sent when his father went to prison?

Charles Dickens had to go to workhouse when his father went to prison for to much debt.

Where did Charles Dickens have to go to work?

Charles was working in a factory when he was 10 to aged 12

Why did Charles dickens go to Italy?

because he wanted to get money

Where did Charles Dickens go on holiday?

he went to egypt at 1847

Where did Charles Dickens go after school?

he went to work in the factory

When did Charles Dickens go to London?

The Dickens family left Chatham for London in 1822, an event that some say effectively ended Charles' childhood.

Why did Charles barkley go to jail?

For DUI's

When did LeBron James dad go to jail?


Why did Charles Dickens father go to jail?

John Dickens was declared bankrupt and was sent to the Marshalsea. Before that he had moderate wealth as a clerk in the Navy Pay office, Portsmouth. He lived above his means. The Marshalsea was featured in the novel Little Dorrit.