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Q: Why did Craig sheffer leave One Tree Hill?
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Related questions

Who plays Keith in One Tree Hill?

Craig Sheffer

When do lucas and Peyton leave One Tree Hill?

Peyton and Lucas leave One Tree Hill after they have their daughter Sawyer Scott in Season 6 the last episode

Did chad Michael Murray leave One Tree Hill?

Yes, Chad Michael Murray left One Tree Hill. He left at the end of the 6th season.

When did Karen leave One Tree Hill?

Karen left One Tree Hill in season six. She appeared in a total of 83 episodes including the pilot episode of the show.

Why did Bryan Greenberg leave One Tree Hill?

Jake (bryan) left one tree hill because he didint want Niki to come take Jenny away from him. so he left to get away from her

On One Tree Hill who is leaving the show?

Peyton and Lucas leave the show after season 6 however it is planned for them to come back for the last season of One Tree Hill in season 9

Why is the TV show One Tree Hill called One Tree Hill?

Tree Hill its the name of the town and theres only one Tree Hill

When was Tree on a Hill created?

Tree on a Hill was created in 1994.

When was The Tree on the Hill created?

The Tree on the Hill was created in 1940.

What was the song playing during the bridge accident in One Tree Hill?

Babe I'm gonna leave you by Led Zepplin. :)

Why is there no tree on one tree hill?

Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

In One Tree Hill how do lucas and Peyton leave?

Lucas and Peyton leave season 6 episode 23 after they get married and after Peyton gives birth to sawyer and wakes up from a coma. They leave in Lucas' car that says commet on it ...

Where is tree hill high located?

Tree Hill, North Carolina

Where does One Tree Hill take place?

One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The town of Wilmington doubles as Tree Hill.

Why did they call it one tree hill?

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

Who got shot in Tree Hill High in One Tree Hill?

Jimmy shot himself in the school and Dan Scott shot Keith Scott in season 3 of One Tree Hill. This all happened in Tree Hill High.

Who plays mckenna on One Tree Hill?

Who plays the model McKenna in one tree hill

Will be a SE10 of one tree hill?

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

How many sesons are there of the tree hill?

There are 9 seasons of One Tree Hill.

Why did lucas and Peyton leave One Tree Hill?

i think it was because the producers of one tree hill couldn't afford to pay the actors who play them .. (chad Michael Murray and hilarie Burton) there's more info on wikipedia ... :D

Where does the one from One Tree Hill come from?

The Name One Tree Hill comes the saying "There's only one Tree Hill" from Karen in season one.

Is kate voegele still on One Tree Hill?

Kate Voegele appears on One Tree Hill often, and is casted for the 9th season of One Tree Hill.

When did Keith Scott get shot in One Tree Hill?

Keith was shot in season 3 of One Tree Hill by Dan Scott inside Tree Hill High.

How mang season of One Tree Hill is there?

There are 9 seasons of one tree hill.

How many seasons are there for One Tree Hill?

There are 8 season in one tree hill