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Why did England lose to Croatia?

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Croatia does have a smaller GDP per capita than UK.

England (UTC/UTC+1) is always 1 hr. behind Croatia (UTC+1/UTC+2).Noon GMT (England) = 1 PM BST (England) = 1 PM CET (Croatia) = 2 PM CEST (Croatia)

The flight time from the United Kingdom to Croatia is approximately 1 hour, 59 minutes.

England lost with Italy in the penalties lol

theo walcott, against Croatia England 4-1 over Croatia... September 10, 2008

1.France 2.England 3.Croatia 4.Switzerland Result were England 1-2 france England 3-0 Switzerland Croatia 2-4 England QAUTER FINAL PORTUGAL 2-2 ENGLAND 4-3 PEN

The air distance from London, England, United Kingdom, to Dubrovnik, Croatia, is 1,051 miles. That equals 1,691 kilometers or 913 nautical miles.

replace the 0 at the beginning of the number with +44

Theo Walcott, who completed his hat-trick.

he didnt actually lose his leg, it was tied back.

Cyprus, France, England, Germany , Italy, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland and Holland.

England won't be automatically eliminated if they lose to Algeria. Won't they be unable to get enough points to qualify for the last 16.


He lost the crown of England because he lost a battle and was killed.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia.

google "UNESCO Croatia" and "national parks Croatia"

Because the Queen lost her clothes

No,Croatia is a republic.

HR is the offical abbriviation for Croatia. HR = HRVATSKA which is Croatia on Croatian

Croatia. They were knocked out when they finished only third in their group, behind England and Ukraine.

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