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Why did Germany invade Russia?

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At the end of 1940 Hitler was anxious to end the war. It had been a great strain on the nation and economy and seemed to be winding down. He was applying his mind to the post war period and was in negotiations with the Italian, French and Japanese to find a kind of equilibrium for the New Order. He also wanted an understanding with the Soviets. He invited the Russia Foreign Minister, Molotov, to Berlin to work out an understanding and told him that there didn't have to be a conflict of interest between Germany and the Soviet Union as long as each country respected the other's sphere of influence, which he mapped out. He stated that Soviet-German cooperation had been mutually beneficial and Molotov agreed. Hitler told Molotov that it would take Germany 100 years to fully utilize the new teritories she had acquired as a result of the war and that she would look to her old colonies in Africa for Lebensraum or new lands to colonize. :)

However, in the course of his discussions with Molotov, Hitler perceived the Soviets to be hostile, accusatory and making difficulties. There was an emnity there from the Soviet side that could not be overcome and Hitler began to suspect the Soviets might be planning an attack on Germany. He ordered the planning for Operation Barbarossa (the attack on the Soviet Union) as a contingency if the political process broke down.

Many believe that Hitler wanted to attack the Soviets simply to control more territory and to destroy Communism, perhaps. However I believe the strike was one of preemption. Certainly Germany didn't need any more new territories and the country was war-weary. Hitler himself, though he was an anti-communist, didn't really care all that much about the goings-on outside of Germany and what he considered the German sphere of influence. He heart was really for Germany and some of the territories of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire for which he had a sentimental attachment, having been born into that great and cosmopolitan empire. Certainly the campaigns in Norway, Greece and Africa were for preemption - to deny England areas of operation. The sad truth for Germany and the world is that the two alpha dogs of Europe, the Nazi Regime and the Soviet Union were destined to have it out. Despite the fact that the war with England was still unresolved, Hitler decided to strike first.

CommentThe above is one-sided and quite exceptionally ill-informed. For example, what is all that talk about "the old Austro-Hungarian Empire for which he had a sentimental attachment, having been born into that great and cosmopolitan empire"? Hitler simply loathed the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and cosmopolitanism. (He got rid of his Austrian citizenship in 1927, despite the fact by doing so he made himself a stateless person). The also overlooks the fact that those negotiations were only one of a number of possibilities that the Nazi regime explored - and didn't take seriously. The author of the above has forgotten that one of the main grievances of the German nationalists, including the Nazis, in the interwar period was the fact that the fruits of Germany's victory over Russia had as it were been snatched away by events on Western Front.

The Nazis were extremely hostile to Communism. Hitler's great ambition was the eradication of Communism. In fact, one of the main reasons for the establishment of the Nazi party and its immediate predecessor was the complete destruction of what the Nazis called 'Jewish Bolshevism'.

Boundless expansion in Eastern Europe (not in Africa) had been the key goal of German nationalism since 1917-18 or even 1914 ... To portray the war against the Soviet Union as the result of personal Hitlerian touchiness is downright laughable.

Germany intended to rule the world. What better way than to rule a land that was as expansive, and had the people and resources Russia had?

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When did Russia invade Germany?

Russia invade Germany on december 25 1997

When did Russia invade Germany's borders?

Answer Russia didn't invade Germany. Germany attacked Russia in 1941. They had signed a pact and both had attacked Poland in 1939 that started WW2. Then Germany turned against Russia.

Why did Germany capture Russia in World War 2?

They didn't. Germany tried to invade Russia but were repelled.

Who did Germany invade in 1941 in operation Barbarossa?

Russia .

Who idea was it for Germany to invade Russia?

adofe hitler

Who did Stalin fear would invade Russia?


What year did Germany invade Russia for oil and grain?


Did the red army invade Germany?

No. The Germans invaded Russia.

Why did Germans invade Russia?

Hitler had a treaty with Russia before WWII, but when the time came to invade Poland they were afraid to be attacked by Russia for that so Germany broke the treaty and attacked Russia soon after...

When did Japan and Germany invade Poland?

The Soviet Union (Russia) and Germany invaded Poland; not Japan.

What was the agreement between Hitler and Stalin?

That Germany would not invade Russia.

Why did Hitler invade Russia in June 1941?

To get more room for Germany

Who did Italy Germany and Japan invade?

Europe (mostly eastern), russia, poland, that area. Who did Italy, Germany, and Japan invade in World War II

What was the soviet German non aggression act?

That Germany will get the western part of Poland (Russian territory), Russia will get the Eastern half and Germany promises not to invade Russia.

When did Germany invade Russia?

World War 1 Germany invaded Russia in 1917 after Russia backed out of the war. World War 2 Germany invaded Russia during the Second World War on June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa

What country did Hitler invade in 1941 that was an ally to Germany?

Russia. Or rather, the Soviet Union.

What pack freed Hitler to invade Poland?

The Russia Germany Pact. Since England, France, and (of course the USA) would not join Russia in a war against Germany; Russia and Germany signed an alliance. First, Germany invaded Poland from the west and then Russia invaded Poland on the east.

Were the Russian's being occupied by Germany in world war 2?

Germany did invade Russia and battles were fought in Russia with the German army. The Germans were not very successful in their occupation.

Where in Poland did Germany invade?

Germany and Russia split Poland between them, Germany invaded Poland from Danzig and went south, Russia lined up the border and attacked the whole front at once

Did the US UK or USSR invade Germany first?

Russia got to Germany way before the U.S or Great Britain.

Problems for Germany when Hitler were going to invade Russia?

It had somthing to do with the cold winter and how they treated the civilians

What are the steps of the schlieffen plan in order?

Germany would invade France quickly then head to russia

Which country did Germany invade about a week after signing the Non-Aggression Pact with Russia?


Who joined Germany to invade Russia in 1941?

Finland maby itlay thers people how urgu if they did

Why did France invade Russia?

that's a stupid question, since France did not invade Russia in world war 2. They were too busy being invaded by Germany. they tried to invade russia befor WWI, so they might have thought that they could get a big chunck of territory form it. it had nothing to do with WWII