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Because Germany Attacked Neutral Belgium.

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Who was in world war?

Russia, Great Britan, France, Germany, Italy, United States

What countries did World War 1 battles occur?

it occurd in Germany, France and Britan it occurd in Germany, France and Britan

Why was Neville Chamberlain important during World War 2?

He declared war on Germany and was the Prime minister of Great Britan

Which two countries fought in world war1?

There were more than 2. Great Britan, America, and Germany were the main countries.

Who did great Britain declare war on during world war 2?

Germany after they invaded poland, austria, and france

Why did Germany declare war on Britain in World War 1?

Germany did not declare war on Britain. Britain declared war on Germany to protect Belgium.

Who were the Alllied forces in world war 1?

US, france, canada, great britan....

Why did Germany declare war during world war 2?

It didn't. Germany started invading other countries which made France and the UK declare war on Germany.

What countries were at war in the 2nd world war?

Japan,Germany,Russia,United States,Great Britan,France,Italy,Aulstarlia,Belgum,Brazil,Canada,china,And Many Others

What event made Great Britain declare war in World War 2?

Germany was TOO imperialistic, and they forced Britain into the war.

Who were the main characters of the world war 1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Usa, Russia, Britan, France and Italy

Why did the invasion of Poland have a significant effect on World War 2?

Answer this question… It caused both Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany

Who invited the US into world war 1?

no one No one 'invited' the US persay, but they were in it(Of course). They were in it because they wanted to help their allies from Germany (Ex: Great Britan) and I think that Germany attacked one of the US's boats which the US took as a threat

Why did the US declare war on Germany in world war 2?

Quite the opposite, the US did not declare war on Germany, but Germany declared war on them. They did this to honor their alliance with Japan after the Pearl Harbor attacks.

When did Germany declare war on the US in World War I?

Germany didn't declare war on the US in world war 1. It was the US that declared war on Germany on April 6th 1917 as a result of the unrestricted submarine war introduced by Germany in January that year. - I Warner

When did Adolf Hitler declare World War 2?

Hitler never declared war, it was the French and the British that declared war on Germany! Why did they declare war? Because Hitler invaded Poland. Great Britain and France declared war on Germany On September 3, 1939.

What event caused great britan to enter the war?

Who assassinated the above leader in world war 1

Who are all the ally countries in world war 2?

The United States, Great Britan, and The Soviet Union

What did Wilhelm II hope would convince people that Germany was becoming a great world power?

Wilhelm II hoped to create a German navy to rival that of Britain and therefore allow Germany to declare itself a world power.

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