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Lust for power. Averice. The true belief that it was his right. also he claims that his father was given the throne by a king. and he was the hair of his father.

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Q: Why did Harold Hardraada want to be King of England?
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Why did Harold hadroda want to conquer England?

Harald Hardraada wanted to conquer England and rebuild the great viking king, Cnut's kingdom.

Why did Harold hadrada want to be englands king?

Because England was powerful then and Harold Godwinsons (King Of England) brother told Harold Hardrada he would make a good king .

Why did Harold hadraada want to be king in 1066?

Harold hadraada wanted to be king of England because he wanted to be fun and use his power to party on man!

Why did Harold want to become king battle of Hastings?

he could rule all of England and King Edward the confessor

Why did hardraada want to be king?

Because he was related to the anglo-saxon king cnut, and he just wants his family to have the english crown again

Why did Harold Godwinson want to be King of England?

Harold was already the most powerful man in England when Edward the Confessor was king. He wished to rid the country of Norman influences brought in by Edward and unite the earls behind his banner. To do this he had to raise himself above the other earls.

Who were the contenders of the throne in 1066 and why did they want it?

The contenders of the throne were Edgar Aethling ( Edward the Comnfessors closest blood relative alive at the time), William Duke of Normandy ( William I), Harald Hardraada and Harold Godwinson. I have no clue why they wanted it but it was probably because they wanted to be king.

Why did Harold of Wessex want to be king of England?

He thought he might have the good qualities and statistics as Edward, his brother-in-law. Also, Edward blessed him.

Who fought the Battle of Hastings?

well it all started when Edward the confessor (king of England) was dying, lying on his death bed. there were 3 candidatesHarold Godwineson, Earl of Wessex,William, Duke of Normandy,Harald Hardraada, king of Norway.the only reason there were candidates was because Edward the confessor had no son. he practically didn't want one.

Did Harold Godwinson rush into war with William the Conqueror?

Not really. After he was crowned king Harrald Hardrada (a Viking competitor for the throne) invaded England but Harold Godwinson's army fought them off. While Harold's army was in the north William invaded the south. Harold's army marched south and fought the Normans near Hastings. The English were tired and not as well equipped as the Normans who won the battle, killed Harold and took over England. Harold didn't want to fight but had no choice.

Why did Tostig want revenge against Harold Godwinson?

Because he was jealous that his brother Harold was king and he wanted to king. so it was just jealousy

What did the three kings want during the battle Hastings?

The three men wanted to be king after Edward died, Harold of England quickly crowned himself and the other two men wanted to be king aswell so they invaded England and where the last people to successfully invade.

What did Harold godwinson and his army want to achieve?

They wanted to force the Normans to attack them uphill, crush them in a decisive open battle, and drive them from England, thereby securing Harold's otherwise illegitimate claim to the English Throne and prevent William from becoming King.

Why did Harold hardrock want to be king?

Harold Hardrock wanted to be king because like any one at that time he wanted to be strong and rule England.The viking king wanted to again rule all land!!!!

Who was on Harold Godwinson's side?

The people who lived in England and didn't want "Norman Overlords".

Why did Harold Godwinson William Edgar and Harold Hardrada want to be Kink of England?

Apparently in 1051 Edward the confessor had named William as the heir Harold Godwin(son). His sister was married to Edward and Harold had helped Edward fight many battles during his reign.Edgar the Atheling was the nearest blood relative to Edward and so felt almost challenged to become king. Harald Hardrada's ancestors were kings of England previously so he felt he had the right to be king.They obviously were all megalomaniacs and were obsessed with power.

Why did tostig want harald hardrada to be king?

Because he didn't like the fact that his brother (Harold Godwineson) was king.

Why did Harold Godwinson want to become King?

Because he was promised by edward the confessor and he was an earl and he was the late kings brother in-law, also he wanted the best for England and (he thought) by achieving this he should become king. He wanted peace across England! :D

Who did the colonist want to tax them?

the king of England

Why did William want to be king Battle of Hastings?

because he don't want others to become king of the England

Why did Harald Hardraosda want to become king?

harold hardraosda wanted to become king because hes ansestar was a king and he wanted the most power

Why would someone want to become king of England?

Someone would want to become king of England because of the wealth, fame and fortune of becoming a king. If u ask yourself that question of why would you want to become king of England? it is obvious you would say because of the money

In Hamlet what does Claudius want Rosencrantz and Guildenstern want them to do for Claudius?

to spy on Hamlet and send Hamlet to England, also ordered them to give the notes to the king of England and ask the king of England to kill Hamlet immediately

What did the Spanish king want England to return to?


Who did the colonists not want to pay the taxes to?

the king of England

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