Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins

Why did Henry leave the hospital in Chocolate Fever?

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To write a leave application for a fever you must include your information and request leave for the number of days you require to get better.

No, but the antibiotics can leave you deaf.

i think no because shut be to hard for who ever is in the hospital

No. In Chocolate it has eggs...chickens will smell the chocolate then leave it for the ants to eat it.

King Henry II did not leave the church. He remained Catholic all his life.

Henry VIII of England did not leave the Church of England, he founded the Church of England.

fever; receiver; retriever; leaver (or leave her).

You put it on and leave it on until the person gets to the hospital.

He will if you leave it out for him.

if you open it and leave it in a fridge, normally 4-5 days, but if you leave it in a cuboard, the 1-2 weeks. ( depends if it is white, milk or dark chocolate.)

sir, as i am suffering from fever so i am unable to come to the office today .

if you leave them in the sunlight it will melt faster

Some chemicals found in chocolate include caffeine and phenylethylamine, which may leave you feeling happy. Chocolate also contains cannabinoids and theobromine.

Soon as you get out of the hospital. Unless the hospital has a smoking area. Then, as soon as you can leave the bed.

Yes, most people do. Though they will have to return to the hospital or their doctor to receive treatment.

i believe until you leave the hospital

yes, you can go to hospital

You don't . Go to the office and get the needed form.

You don't . Go to the office and get the needed form.

AS i was suffered from fever and chickenpox.I was unable to attend the class. please I request you to allow me the leave for 8 days. Thanking you.

Yes, you can. I wouldn't leave them in the freezer more than 4 months. The Chocolate tends to turn white.

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