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These people were no use to him in working purposes so he put them to death by gas so he didn't have to use up ammunition.

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What ways did Hitler kill Jews?

he killed them by gas cambers and bruning them

How did Hitler come up with gas cambers?

he came up with them from the war he fought in

How did Hitler deal with people who opposed him?

hitler killed them by sending them in a gas room with no ventilations

What did Elie experience at his first night at camp?

people being thrown in the crematorium, people being shot also being thrown in the gas chambers

What happend to the Jewish people?

Hitler gased them in the gas chamber & then burned them

What is the oven that Hitler used to kill people?

Hitler didnt use an oven to kill people. Hitler used Zyklon B, a poisonous gas, to mass-kill everyone, the pyscho. Victims were usually first killed with poison gas in gas-chambers and the corpses were then cremated (burnt) in crematoria (ovens).

Where did Hitler put the gas?

in the gas tank Hitler was not 'hands on', he got others to do the work

What game did Hitler play as a kid?

kill the Jewish inocent people in a gas chamber 2

What did Hitler do to the people in the concentration camps?

He would gas the jews and then burn there bodies in a giant furnace.

Did Adolph Hitler poison people?

Yes, he poisoned millions in concentration camps with poisonous gas.

How many people Hitler kill in gas cham ber?

About four to four and a half million.

How high can the volcano gas be thrown into the air?

In very large explosive eruptions the cloud of ash and gas can rise 30 miles into the sky. This is not from the gas being thrown out, but rather the gas rising due to buoyancy.

Why did hitler kill the people in the gas chamber?

It was seen as a more humane way of executing people than the other methods employed.

What were the horrors of the Holocaust?

Hitler sent the jewish people to concentraition camps and killed them for no reason in gas chambers.

How were Jewish people treated by Hitler and the Nazi regime?

they were treated harshly and lots of them were killed by gas and then they were burned

What was the way Hitler killed people?

Hitler was an awful man who collected Jews and sent them to refugee camps to have them either shot or killed in a gas room. The people would take off their clothes and would be sent inside the gas room and would suffocate them in the room and die because the gas would fill their lungs. Also Hitler would send them to ghettos, concentration camps , and death camps.

Where was Hitler's gas chamber located?

Hitler had more than one gas chamber. The Nazis had gas chambers at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Auschwitz. They also used poison gas to kill people in hospitals.

What methods did Hitler use to exterminate?

hitler used gas chambers he used his own hands he used dieses and people died without food and water mostly and harsh exersice.

What other groups of people were killed when Adolf Hitler was in power?

* Adolf Hitler and The HolocaustFrom the first day that Adolf Hitler seized power, January 30, 1933, ..... more than 6 million people, mostly Jews and Poles, were killed in gas chambers. ...http://www.auschwitz.dk/Hitler.htm

How did Hitler kill people with disabilities?

the most common method was poison gas (exhaust fumes from an engine - carbon monoxide).

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