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Why did Hitler want power?


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Hitler wanted power because once German President, Paul von Hindenburg died, Hitler would declare himself as leader and would use that power to take full and complete power over Germany. Hitler would then put all the Jews in consentration camps.

AnswerHitler was comvinced that it was his peronal historic destiny to lead the German people to world domination. AnswerHitler wanted power so that he could have a complete Aryan (blonde hair, blue eyes) race in Germany. He was also annoyed about the Treaty of Versailles, so wanted revenge, particually on France.

He wanted to be king of the world, he wanted respect. He even killed millions of his people he used his village that he grew up in as gun ranges because he hated his village. Especially his father. His father would always beat him.


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In the 1930's Hitler wanted power for his Radio as it was the main equipment for communications. The standard 240 volts.

he wanted to create an army and want get power of the us.

Some people crave power and control. Hitler had a MASSIVE crave for pwer and control and that is why not many people liked him.

The same reason any criminal would want in: power

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. He was a soldier in WWI. As for why he wanted power, he was crazy, (and this is coming from a german)

Hitler gained power in 1933.

Hitler rose into power in 1934 and he lost power in 1945.

how did adolf Hitler come to power

they didn't Hitler took power.

They don't want another Hitler happening. Hitler abused his power to ban other political parties to force people to vote for Hitler every time there was a vote. Power is now limited to presidents to prevent that from happening^.

Hitler was elected to office in Germany. He had sought political power for several years, for the same reasons that most people seek political office- love of power.

Hitler did not want to eliminate Catholics.

Hitler had power in Germany during World War II

Depends on the definition of "comes to power." If that definition means when he officially took power then 1938 is the year you want. If you want the year he consolidates his power and achieves a totalitarian state, then 1941 is the year you want

von Hindenburg was in power but when he died Hitler came into power

A third world empire composed with Aryans in charge.

Hitler was in power from 30 January 1933- 30 April 1945.

Hitler officially came to power on January 32, 1933.

Hitler soon spread his destructive power to Poland.

Hitler was VERY persuasive. Hitler rose to power by being voted in.

He rose to power in 1934.

what did hitler want to creat or do if anyone knows reply to my blog

this was because he wanted more land as well as power oer many countries

because Hitler needed power.

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