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In 1853, when the US Navy's Commodore Perry sailed his "warships" into Japanese waters, he opened Japan's culture to the outside world. They had lived in their own "sealed kingdom" (self imposed isolation) before then. When Japan saw the mini-locomotive trains, and latest cannons & hand held firearms (small arms), combined with how easy it was for a foreigner like the US Navy to enter their harbor un-opposed; they knew, if they were to survive, they had to be able to compete on "an equal basis!" This called for "Industrialization!"

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Did japan industrialize before European nations and the US?

No, Japan was behind the United States & Europe in its efforts to industrialize.

Who helped Japan industrialize?

The US helped Japan industrialize, in various ways, both before and after WW II.

What was the first Asian country to industrialize?


In Japan where did they get the money to industrialize?

They got money from other countries like the united states

What is the only Asian nation that began to Industrialize in response to pressure from western powers?

Japan .

Why do you want to work in Japan?

i want to work japan because japan is industrialize and progressive country's earn high varying i want to enhance my Plexiglas's and abilities as worker in japan...

During the meiji restoration did japan reject western ways of life?

No. Japan embraced Western ways of life in order to industrialize.

What is a sentence for the word industrialize?

I industrialize.

When did japan first open up to western trade?

Japan opened its ports after signing the Treaty of Kanagawa with the US in 1854 and began to intensively modernize and industrialize.

What was one way the restoration helped Japan industrialize and modernize?

Japanese government was able to become more centralized.

When did Japan industrialize?

In the Meiji period that started in 1868. Before this year, Japan had really closed borders, they didn't have relations with anyone but with the beginning of the Meiji period they reopened their borders to foreign countries who brought industrialization to Japan.

The goal of Japan's revolutionary meiji reforms was to?

modernize and industrialize the country so that Japan could deal with the West on an equal basis.

How did Japan industrialize?

Japan was industrialized by a series of events called Meiji Restoration that restored imperial power. Japan went through rapid modernization with many industries built such as ship yards, spinning mills and iron smelters.

The years of the Meiji Restoration are characterized by?

The years of the Meiji Restoration are classified as: efforts to industrialize Japan the modernization of Japan's army and navy the acceptance of Western ideas.

Is industrialize an adjective?

No, it is not. The word "industrialize" is a verb. It means to convert to mass production and the use of complex machinery.

What is the job of the industrialist?

to industrialize

How did china industrialize?

China began to industrialize in the 1860s due to Correct answer= peasant rebellion and foreign military occupation

Why was japan more successful than china in maintaining its independence?

Japan learned how NOT to react to the westerners from Chinas example and emerged as a military and imperial power Japan was more successful than China when it came to independence because Japan government modernize and industrialize along Western line quickly. This helped them with not been under Western power.

Setting to samurai shortstop the book?

Japan in the mid-1800s. The emperor wanted to industrialize, but the samurai warriors, or Koji in this case, had to lay down their swords. He refused and had to kill himself.

What country was the last to industrialize?

russia Many historians would disagree and say China of the major countries was the last to industrialize.

What is the Root word of industrialize?


What are three things a country need's to industrialize?

Three things a country needs to industrialize are natural resources, labor force, and transportation.

What was the first region to industrialize?

The first region to industrialize following the American Revolution was the state of Massachusetts. A textile mill was built and industrialized in this region.

What country was the first to industrialize?

Great Britain

Why was England able to industrialize first?


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